Ministry Of Transportation: Revoke Dale Pitton's License (CANADA'S WORST DRIVER EVER)
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Ministry Of Transportation: Revoke Dale Pitton's License (CANADA'S WORST DRIVER EVER)

    1. Holly Dunlop
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      Holly Dunlop

      St Catharines, Canada

I among others believe Dale should not hold a drivers license, she clearly demonstrates no ability to safely drive a motor vehicle and is putting other drivers, and pedestrians at risk. This needs to be addressed before someone is seriously injured. By signing my Petition you can help take a very dangerous person off our roads for the safety of herself and others. I urge you to stand up and voice your opinion on this very important matter

Glen Murray, ministry of transportation
Review and Revoke Dale Pitton of St Catharines License

[Your name]

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    • Marc Guindon MONTREAL, CANADA
      • 7 days ago

      I want to prevent eventual accident caused by Dale Pitton's irresponsible and reckless driving.

    • Carrie Hannah TOOELE, UT
      • 14 days ago

      I was horrified watching her on the show. she isn't willing to learn... well she may not be able to mentally learn and retain information well enough to ever be safe behind the wheel.

    • Nathan Howard TORONTO, CANADA
      • 23 days ago

      She is clearly not capable of driving safely and will most likely cause serious injury to herself and others.

    • Susan Ellsworth ST CATHARINES, CANADA
      • 23 days ago

      I just video recorded a car parked in the middle of nowhere at a giant tiger store in St. Catharines . It mockingly had a CWD sticker in the rear window. Out comes this blonde older lady with a handful of clothes. She hops in her car, stars it up, puts it in gear, and then starts trying on sweaters she just bought!!! As she is driving!!! I followed her, recording, and she proceeded to drive wildly, crossing a double yellow constantly, still trying on clothes no doubt. During the video I comment that I was driving 70kms trying to keep up with her but had to slow down, as she easily reached speeds in excess of 90 plus kmh!!! In the middle of the afternoon. I did visually and digitally watch her as she raced to the fair view mall to get more shopping in. The whole time she was completely unaware o anything around her including multiple school crossing zones she blew through.

      She must be stopped. She doesn't care about others for sure. Bad things are going to happen

    • Ryan Pope LONDON, CANADA
      • 29 days ago

      No one is safe with this unfocused lunatic on the road!


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