Ministry of Justice-Supreme Prosecutor/South Korean Legislative Branch: Introduce Dog Meat Trade Task Force for the S. Korean Law Enforcement
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Ministry of Justice-Supreme Prosecutor/South Korean Legislative Branch

Ministry of Justice-Supreme Prosecutor/South Korean Legislative Branch: Introduce Dog Meat Trade Task Force for the S. Korean Law Enforcement

    1. Julie Jo
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      Julie Jo

      Santa Fe, United States

Action Petitioned For: A Task Force (TF) for the South Korean Law Enforcement. We, the undersigned, are petitioning for a task force be introduced to the South Korean law enforcement for the illegal dog meat trade.

This petition will be sent to the Ministry of Justice-Supreme Prosecutor, the South Korean Legislative Branch and also President Barack Obama asking him to convey the message to both of these offices. 

South Korea’s Animal Protection Act of 2007 expressly prohibits some of the cruel methods used by people in the dog meat trade to handle and slaughter dogs. The law, however, is widely ignored, despite being revised with stronger penalties. With no substantive enforcement action to curb the sale of dog meat, it is available in restaurants throughout the country. In the late 1990s, a government survey estimated that well over 20,000 restaurants—counting those that were unregistered—offered dog meat. A similar number of such restaurants are believed to be in operation today.

A task force (TF) is a unit or formation established to work on a single defined task or activity. Originally introduced by the United States Navy, the term has now caught on for general usage and is a standard part of NATO terminology. Many non-military organizations now create "task forces" or task groups for temporary activities that might have once been performed by ad hoc committees. 

Several things set a task force aside from other working groups. The first is typically a sense of autonomy; it is commanded by someone high-ranking enough that he or she does not need to constantly consult superiors to make decisions. This makes a task force extremely mobile, flexible, and effective, allowing the members to use their abilities in very efficient ways. It also typically contains a broad cross-section of people, integrating an assortment of skills into a single unit.
When a task force is formed, its goals are clearly spelled out, and the commander typically indicates the kind of staffing and funding which would be needed. When the desired goal is achieved, the group is broken up again, with the members returning to their normal positions.
While most task forces focus on short-term goals like developing new technology or solving a specific problem, they can also take on more challenging long-term issues. In some instances, these task forces ultimately evolve into regular units, reflecting the fact that their tasks will never truly be done, although they might make tremendous strides in the right direction.
I believe this will alleviate or even resolve the illegal dog trade in South Korea. It is an inhumane act that has to be stopped immediately. Petition Letter is below.
I want to thank each and everyone of you for signing and sharing this petition. God bless you all.
Julie Jo

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 9 days ago

      Care for all the animals they need our help

      Care for all the children stop thinking of ourselves.

      And if we work together to try for harmony

      Someday we will live in peace

      -- Country Joe McDonald

    • Teresa Whitworth LEAGUE CITY, TX
      • 4 months ago

      It's CRUEL & needs to stop!!!!

      • 5 months ago

      why is this allowed to happen - why are there no laws in place to stop this! why does the chinese government not teach the country and put money into teaching them alternative methods and how to have empathy towards animals aswell as human beings, this is terrible and cruel and would hurt us if it happened to us! if you are going to eat dog - kill them quickly humanely so they feel as little as possible. this is terrible THIS IS THE REASON I DO NOT VISIT CHINA!!!

    • Cameron Valuch SUSSEX, WI
      • 5 months ago

      Im Ginger

    • Yvonne Mallard VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 8 months ago

      Please You need to shorten your tweet as it too big - I had to butcher it so it would go out. I sent petitions daily on the Dog meat trade - make it short sweet also add "Sign Petition" at the start as people just RT they do not sign


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