Roll Back #Diesel Price Hike
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Mr. Jaipal Reddy

Roll Back #Diesel Price Hike

    1. Ankit Kumar
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      Ankit Kumar

      New Delhi, India

Adding salt to the common man's wounds the government has increased the price of diesel by a steep margin of Rs.5.62 per litre. In some states this has resulted in hike of Rs.6.20 per litre. 

In some states this has resulted in a sttep hike of vegatble prices and other groceries while freight charges have been increased to 15% across the country. Price of other essential goods like cement, daily transportation fees has been increased as a result of the hike

I am requesting the Petroleum Minister to immediately roll back the diesel price and look at other alternatives.


News Sources- 

[1] Diesel price hike fallout: Cement makers hint at raising price

[2] Diesel price hike: Double whammy for common man


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      • about 2 years ago

      Increase in diesel price will lead to cascading effect on inflation. Hence it is needed to roll back the price hike in toto. Excise duty on diesel should be reduced.


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