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Milwaukee zoo.

Put up better child proof bariers.

    1. Courtney Franks
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      Courtney Franks

      South Beloit, IL

When my cousin Angel took her two small children Alexi age 4 and Memphis age 2. Memphis crawled under the barier at the Elephant exhibit. He could have fallen in to the gap between the barier and the elephant cage and got seriously injured or even died. Another woman had to go and get him before he fell because Angle couldn't leave her daughter alone to get in trouble herself.

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    • Courtney Franks SOUTH BELOIT, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      The zoo should put up better bariers more child proof with no chance of a child getting through. Some children are too curious and will do things they shouldn't do. Parents with one child can make sure that child doesn't get into danger. A single mom with two children however is bound for one or both to get in trouble.


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