Milwaukee-area Hospitals: Don't Send Rape Survivors Away
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Milwaukee-area Hospitals: Don't Send Rape Survivors Away

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      SlutWalk Milwaukee

Aurora Sinai Medical Hospital and Aurora West Allis Memorial Hospital are the ONLY Milwaukee-area health centers that staff Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) personnel 24 hours. a day. Children's Hospital of Wisconsin staffs responders that are specific to the needs of children and youth. Every other area hospital does not staff any responders for sexual assault.

SANE responders are not only specially trained to administer rape kits, they administer STD tests, are aware of local systems of support for victims, choices for victims and are trained to work with people experiencing trauma after an assault. Hospitals are aware of the specialized service SANE responders give, and choose not to staff them at their hospitals because treating sexual assault victims is not a money-making venture.

This means you could be raped, go to the wrong hospital and be asked to go to another for care. Depending on the facility, they may, or may not, offer you cab fare to get to a hospital with SANE responders. If you are so severely injured that you cannot be moved to another facility, then a rape kit may be administered to you by a person who is untrained in how to do so, untrained in how to respond to a rape victim in crisis and untrained in the local resources available.

It is an act of courage for any victim to report their assault. Being sent to another medical facility severely increases the likelihood that a sexual assault victim will not report, or seek aid.

It is a breach of any ethic that treats patients with human respect and dignity to tell them their assault is not your concern, but try another hospital. SANE responders at a hospital are a critical part of a rape victim's treatment and a rapist's prosecution.

SANE responders should be available at every hospital. Hospitals that do not staff SANE responders must coordinate to bring those responders to meet the victim immediately upon report. We need to send a message to all Milwaukee-area hospitals - Stop sending rape victims away.


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    1. Reached 7,000 signatures
    2. Apparently, we do not count

      I haven't updated here in a little while because of the discussions going on with hospitals upset about this petition. It was our hope that local hospitals would take this seriously. Instead, what I have been told is that the hope is to wait this petition out; that the voices of over 4,000 people count for nothing.

      To the hospitals that will not change their policy or even address this issue publicly, it's on. Share this petition with your friends. Gather as many signatures as possible. This year's SlutWalk Milwaukee will be about this issue. We will make change!

    3. Reached 4,000 signatures
    4. Resolution to Support Our Petition Passes Unanimously in County Legislature

      The resolution to support having a SANE responder in every Milwaukee County hospital passed out of the Health and Human Services and was unanimously supported by the County Legislature in a 19-0 vote today!!!! This resolution will now be forwarded by the County Clerk to the Medical Society of Milwaukee County!!!!

    5. Support from County Supervisors!

      We are moving forward! Milwaukee County Legislators passed a resolution on Dec. 7th in the Health and Human Services Committee to support the use of SANE responders in all Milwaukee hospitals! Thank you to the bills sponsors Peggy Romo West, Nikiya Harris, Patricia Jursik, Michael Mayo Sr., and Eyon Biddle Sr.!!!

    6. The amazing service of Children's Hospital

      Had a wonderful discussion with Children's Hospital. Children's doesn't have SANE responders, but a response that is much more specific to sexual assault for children. While their staff isn't on 24 hours, their ER people are trained to work with kids who have been assaulted and can call their experts anytime. The advocate I talked to is very supportive of our petition, as he wants every hospital to have care for adults as comprehensive as Children's is for children!

      In the initial petition for this cause I had listed Children's as not having a 24 hour SANE response, which they do not, but they do have a 24 hour response for sexual violence with an ER staff that is trained and may use one the their children's physicians for advise on a 24-hour call. For hospitals that say this kind of service is not doable, Children's proves that is it!!!!

    7. FOX News misleads Milwaukee viewers (surprise)!

      I would like point out the serious issues of this story. The "reporter" says the petition is misleading, and then proves that it is not. Froedert won't treat sexual assault victims. Wheaton and Colombia will if you are severely injured, otherwise they send you to SATC. If they treat you, they are untrained to do so. The head of SATC says we need to keep things as is because only SATC can do the tough job working with victims. So, either they get sent away to SATC or, in some cases, if they are so injured that cannot be moved people who are not trained will care for them. That's okay?
      Over 60% of victims do not report. This situation makes that more likely to happen.
      Sexual assault survivors deserve better!!!!
      Additionally FOX interviewed Jacqueline Callari-Robinson, a SANE nurse and the SANE Coordinator for the state. Jacqui supports this petition whole-heartedly and yet her interview wasn't included.

    8. Petition to be discussed on Sunday news

      FOX6, the local Milwaukee FOX station, will be interviewing the Lead Organizer of SlutWalk Milwaukee this Sunday regarding the petition. The interview will be aired at either 9 or 10pm!

    9. Reached 3,000 signatures
    10. Stop Milwaukee Hospitals From Turning Away Rape Survivors

      The Milwaukee area has two hospitals that provide services for sexual assault victims. If you are unfortunate enough to go to one of the hospitals that does not provide that service, you will be sent away. Or worse, you may wait. Perhaps you will...

    11. Reached 1,500 signatures
    12. Aurora Response Emails

      Aurora Health Care has been sending responses to those who have signed this petition. The two local hospitals that have a SANE response, Aurora Mt. Sinai and Aurora West Allis, have good people that do great work for area-survivors. However, Aurora is receiving these signatures because Aurora St. Luke's does not have a SANE response, and will not treat victims for sexual assault.

      Thank you so much for your support in this endeavor. With your involvement we can convince Aurora to extend their existing services to St. Luke's and convince other area-hospitals to staff SANE responders for victims of sexual assault.

    13. Reached 1,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Brandi Austin MILWAUKEE, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      I know of people who have been raped and I can't imagine them being turned away.

    • leanna dixon SACRAMENTO, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Women are always raped, molested, and victimized. As well as judged for the simple fact their told its your fault. Don't turn them away how dare they even do that they need your help you dedicate your lives to people!!

    • Dawn Petty CLINTON, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      No woman that has been raped should be turned away from any hospital.

    • Margaret Strom CHICAGO, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Women's health is always important to me!!

    • LaTon DeLira CALDWELL, ID
      • almost 2 years ago

      Hospitals should help people instead of sending them away. please also take a look at my petition and sign

      Wells Fargo: Stop forclosure on my home and modify my mortgage


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