Mikes Walk: IN HIS HONOR!!  Build a Lighted Walkway or Path from Montage Pavilion to PNC Field In "Michael D. Sanders" Memory
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Corey D. O’Brien
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Jim Wansacz
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Patrick M. O’Malley
Rep. Matthew Cartwright
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State Rep. Kevin Haggerty
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State Sen. John Blake
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Mikes Walk: IN HIS HONOR!! Build a Lighted Walkway or Path from Montage Pavilion to PNC Field In "Michael D. Sanders" Memory

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      Mikes Walk


To give his 3 little daughters a memorial to their father that was taken from them.


Mike Sanders, 32 was killed on the night of August 25th walking from the Toyota Pavilion back to his truck parked at PNC Field.  There was no available shuttles, so he walked along the shoulder of the dark road on Montage Mountain back to his truck during a Jason Aldean Concert.  He was struck by a drunk driver, and killed.  He was a loving son, brother, husband and father to 3 young girls, Michelle, 8, Alyssa, 5 and Skye Sanders, who recently turned 1, she will never know her daddy.  It's been a tragedy that touched so many lives.

We would like to prevent this from happening again by building walkway or path for pedestrians to walk down the mountain safetly.  It would be a wonderful tribute in his memory to call it the "Michael D. Sanders Memorial Walkway" in his memory.    

Also, to have DUI checkpoints for those who are allowed to purchase alcohol at these types of venues and yet are allowed to drive after all day tailgates.  We are not in any way trying to stop concert goers from having a good time! Michael wouldn't want that!  Just asking for better ways to prevent another tragedy from happening.

The actual trek from the pavillion to PNC field is 2.1 miles.  Cutting through the woods would cut down this length drastically. 

Please help us take a stand and save lives during these venues!!  This can happen to one of your beloved family members!  If we can help prevent the loss of ONE life, this petition will have served its purpose. 

Petitioner:  Scott V. Mecca

Corey D. O’Brien, Lackawanna County Commissioner
Jim Wansacz, Lackawanna County Commissioner
Patrick M. O’Malley, Lackawanna County Commissioner
Rep. Matthew Cartwright, Pennsylvania-17
Sen. Robert Casey, Pennsylvania
State Rep. Kevin Haggerty, Pennsylvania-112
Sen. Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania
State Sen. John Blake, Pennsylvania-022
Gov. Thomas Corbett, Pennsylvania
Build a proper walkway or bridge with lighting from Montage Pavilion to PNC Field In "Michael D. Sanders" memory and make Montage Mountain a safer place for pedestrians. The second accident this weekend in less than a year. Not a fatality but this is getting too close for comfort. Another big event August 9, 2014. No more deaths please!!!!!

[Your name]

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    1. Renewed interest on Montage Walkway

      Let's get this moving!!! Thank you to all supporters for keeping This petition going until this has become a reality! In Mikes's Honor!


      Renewed Calls for Walking Path After Another Pedestrian Hit on Montage Mountain Road

      MOOSIC -- For the second time in as many years a pedestrian was hit by a car while walking along Montage Mountain Road after a concert. The victim of this weekend's incident is expected to be okay, but it brings renewed calls for a walking trail along the busy road in Lackawanna County.

    2. Reached 1,500 signatures
    3. Why the holdup at Montage Mountain?

      The development of the trail seems to have been placed on hold. A big venue is happening on August 9th when KISS will be there. PLEASE help us avoid another tragedy so another family member doesn't have to go through the torment my family is going through. If you can please forward this message to anyone you know to sign and help get this accomplished!

      Thank you,
      The Sanders and Mecca families

    4. Latest news from Lackawanna County Commissioners Office

      Letter received from John Wansacz regarding naming the trail. We feel it is the only right thing to do since this was a preventable tragedy if they took pedestrian traffic seriously at concert venues and not wait until Michael was killed to rectify a death trap that was waiting to happen. Please help support Michaels 3 little girls to have a dedication to their daddy by writing to Lackawanna County Commisioners office at:

      Board of Commissioners
      County Administration Building
      200 Adams Avenue, 6th Floot
      Scranton, PA 18503
      (570) 963-6800

      "Dear Ms. Mecca,
      Thank you for your June 21, 2014 correspondence regarding the naming of the walking path on Montage Mountain. On behalf of the Board of Commissioners I would like to offer our deepest sympathy on the loss of your nephew, Michael.

      Please be aware that as of this time, we have made no decision regarding any naming and dedication of the trail. As we continue with construction and development, your suggestion to dedicate the trail in memory of Michael will be taken into full consideration. We will keep you informed of any decision to dedicate the trail in the future.

      Our thanks to you and your family for your suggestions. If I may further assist you, please feel free to contact me. "

      John Wansacz

    5. Mike's Walk campaign continues

      We are thrilled Montage is building a trail for pedestrians!! Mikes mission in this world was to help people and save lives.

      We still have not heard any word if this trail will be named after Mike. Contacted lawmakers if anything will be done in his honor for having to lose his life in order to protect other pedestrians. No reply from them to acknowledge the loss of their son, a husband, and father toward his family. We only hope and pray they do the right thing and not ignore our pleas.

      We want his daughters to have a more positive outlook when they hear about Montage Mountain, a place to remember Daddy helped to save lives. That his live was not tragically taken in vain. Let's something positive happen from this horrible nightmare.

      We still need your signatures and responses as to why we should make this happen!!! His family needs you!!!! Remember his family will read these posts so please have their hearts in mind if any negative comments are made.

    6. We did it!

      Safety Improvements Begin on Montage Mountain Road

      Work is underway to make a busy road safer for concert-goers in Lackawanna County. After the death of a man last year, county leaders have been working on safety improvements for Montage Mountain Road. Part of the road is located in Moosic and the other part is in Scranton.

    7. Rock 107 Interview

      Stephanie and Scott got to go live on the air at Rock 107 to tell people about the petition. Thanks to Prospector for having us! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152402710899408&set=a.10152168769059408.1073741830.328808304407

    8. Reached 1,000 signatures
    9. Artice in Times Tribune

      Victim's Family Wants Walkway on Montage Mountain

      SCRANTON -- Family members of a man who was hit by an SUV and killed this summer are looking for a way to honor his memory, and also prevent similar crashes. They came up with an idea that may have lawmakers on board to change a road in Lackawanna County.

    10. Reached 750 signatures
    11. WNEP local news channel to air this petition!

      Thank all of you who signed this petition and helping us to raise awareness on "Mike's Walk"! It is making a difference. Please watch Mike's cousin Scott this evening......Thursday on the 5:00 evening as a replay to the news!!!!

      Thank you so very much all of you, and please keep sharing!! Your signature made a difference!

    12. WNEP Story

      WNEP wants to do a story on the petition and Mike! Thanks to you all, the word is spreading. We still have a ways to go though so keep on sharing and getting your friends to sign!

    13. Reached 250 signatures


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