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Allow goal technology, for the goal line. It is only FAIR PLAY to do so.

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      Javier Alzerreca

Football events like the World cup and EURO cups bring the world together to enjoy. This quickly turns sour and unfair if hard earned goals are not called. If the ball has crossed more than 50% of its volume across the line, then it should be a goal. It is only fair and right. Today's match (6/19/2012 Donbass Arena) between England and Ukraine makes this obvious. It seems that not even the extra linesman next to the goal is enough to catch such a quick event. I am not a fan of either team on this particular game, but a fan of fairness to all. I do not expect video/radio/radar/etc technology to be grafted everywhere and mess the fluidity of a game, but we could start just with the goal line if nothing else, because of its tremendous importance.

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    • Michael Inman MOORESVILLE, NC
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm tired of seeing goals not counted in big tourney's (also see Germ vs ENG WC'10). And why would the goal line judge in today's UKR vs ENG match have his head ON the line, it should ALWAYS be behind the end line to see the whole ball go through. Watch the overhead replay when it shows his head movement. By the time he moves he head, Terry has already touched the ball. Either put somthing in the ball or make the goal area inside the netting configured to compute a sphere the size of #5 ball. Please using technology to assist in this wonderful game.


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