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Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education: Save Roke School from forced Academy Status.

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      Save Roke School

Responsible department: Department of Education

The Government is forcing academy status onto Roke Primary School in Kenley against the wishes of parents, staff, governors and the wider community.
The Government’s chosen sponsor is the Harris Federation. This means, the school will be removed from local authority control and handed to the Harris Federation, led by Lord Harris, Carpetright businessman, personal friend of David Cameron and major Tory donor.

The government seized control after one unsatisfactory Ofsted report. The issues raised in the report have been rectified. This good school is not consistently failing. The Guardian published an article suggesting Michael Gove is flouting his own rules. Forced schools should be underperforming over a long time.

I believe a school should only become an academy with full support of governors and parents, without bullying tactics employed. There should be right of appeal. Schools should have a right to choose their preferred academy sponsor, the best fit for their ethos and circumstances.

I would like the Department of Education to reconsider its proposal to enforce academy status onto Roke primary School and other non-failing schools that do not choose to convert.

To read our story, please go to www.saveroke.co.uk

Roke Parents STRONGLY OBJECT to:
1) Total lack of consultation about our children’s education
2) Our zero right to appeal
3) The speed and manner in which our school has been railroaded into becoming an academy
4) The Government’s choice of sponsor

Please tweet and help our campaign @saveroke #saveroke WWW.SAVEROKE.CO.UK Contact: media@saveroke.co.uk

Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education:
Save Roke School from forced Academy Status.

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    1. Reached 2,500 signatures

      Roke School parents, children and members of the SAVE ROKE campaign will be lobbying the Harris Academy at 4.30pm on Tuesday 19th March

      Parents will be available for interviews and photo opportunities

      Harris Head Quarters, Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, Croydon CR0 1LH (Very close to East Croydon rail station & Wellesley Road tram stop. Also near West Croydon rail station)

      For further information please contact Becky 07732 094688 or Angeline 07960 997413

      Save Roke - Home

      Parents were informed in January about the Harris takeover with zero consultation and no appeal process. Parents launched the campaign on the night of the meeting followed by an article in the Croydon advertiser the very next day and The Guardian printed claims that Gove was flouting his own rules on the monday, 24 hours later Ofsted announced a monitoring visit!

    3. Reached 2,000 signatures
    4. Roke Parents to attend GOVE MUST GO March and Demonstration - 13th March

      Roke parents intend to march alongside other Schools facing the same dismal situation. This protest has been organised by the N.U.T and a good turn out is expected.

      Let's make GOVE listen! Please come and join us!
      5pm - Wed 13 Mar - Cathedral Piazza, Victoria Street, Westminster, SW1

      In addition we plan on submitting our petition to the Dfe on the day.

      We are extremely grateful for your support and are making waves. To help keep the pressure up please spread word far and wide and forward this petition via Facebook, twitter, email etc. We have 520 so far. Let's see if we can make it to 1000 by the march.

      To see what we've been up to please go to www.saveroke.co.uk

      Many thanks
      Save Roke

      Save Roke - Home

      Welcome! Forced academy at Roke Primary Our school is not failing but the DfE has decided to hand Roke to David Cameron's personal friend just 6 months after one poor Ofsted report. It appears the government wants to accelerate its' academy programme and is now forcing well performing schools to become academies, not just long term failing ones.

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    Reasons for signing

    • alan parker LINCOLN, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 1 year ago

      Watching want transpires with all the regulations and missives that arrive for the governors I've come to the conclusion that the authorities want privatise the schools by stealth (making things so complicated that governors leave). This is in a primary school!

    • Clive Belgeonne BUXTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 1 year ago

      If government's are promoting the idea of choice and autonomy for schools, they should put it into practice.

      • over 1 year ago

      We are also being treated appallingly by a government professing to be democratic. We are fighting a free School in our rural village of Stoke Poges .Good Luck

    • simona cantarelli LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 1 year ago

      My son could go to Roke and I don`t believe it was a failing school

      • over 1 year ago

      What has happened to parental choice? Schools are best in the control of local authorities who provide so much more in the way of support, facilities and cooperation between schools thus being more than the sum of its parts. Are the local authorities hands tied when the government decides to take over a school, why aren't they challenging Gove and Ofsted? We cannot allow this take over of our educational system.


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