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  • Petitioned Memphis Animal Shelter

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Memphis Animal Shelter

stop euthanization of "pit-bull" dogs, before attempting to adopt them out.

    1. Petition by

      Madeline Golik

      San Diego, CA

Despite Tennessee not having any BSL ( Breed Specific Legislation)
Memphis Animal Shelter has been killing most pit-bull's without ever putting them up for adoption. It's high time people realized it's not the breed, but those who've bred them that need to change.

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    • Rachel Wisneski COLUMBUS, OH
      • 2 months ago

      Probably the most misunderstood dog there is. Stop blaming these sweet dogs for humans cruel behavior.

    • Susan Dreiske CAPTAIN COOK, HI
      • 3 months ago

      I was brought up to believe pit bulls were vicious dogs. But everyone is wrong about this. It is soley based on the owner and living conditions that make a vicious dog. I owned a pit bull for over 10 years - adopted as a rescue off the street. She was the sweetest dog I ever had. In her life, 2 other pit bulls bit her. Both were not treated well or trained. This predjudice is uncalled for and ethnic cleansing like the holocaust and must be stopped.

    • Linda Grabenske STONEY CREEK , ONTARIO, CANADA
      • 3 months ago

      the pit bull is getting such a bad rap ,, these dogs are the original NANNY DOGS , they were responsible for baby sitting and guarding small children , and now because of media and bully breed haters and humans abusing these dogs to fight they are labeled ,, do a study on the most aggressive dogs out there and bully breeds is no where near the top ,, now do a study on humans serial killers , child molesters , rapists the prisons are full of them yet they are protected and have rights , how dare anyone judge any species of dog when they have no control over their own species , alot of places will have bans on bully breeds but it is ok for a child molester ( pervert ) to live in a community with children about ,, im more worried what a human is capable of not an animal ,

    • heather weiss EDMESTON, NY
      • 3 months ago

      we wouldnt go off and kill all the people from one country because they simply are, would we? i am not sure, with us as a society finding it acceptable to exterminate and murder all pit bull, simply for being born, Its the same thing, isnt it? killing for simple being is killing, no matter if its human or animal. Stop the killing and start the educating.

    • tonya marie ALAMEDA, CA
      • 3 months ago

      animal welfare and rights is my passion


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