Pass a strong Lokpal Bill which achieves real outcomes
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Pass a strong Lokpal Bill which achieves real outcomes

    1. Sidhartha Jatar
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      Sidhartha Jatar

      Mumbai, India


You must use the power of the social network and six degrees of separation to find someone who has access to a Member of the Standing Committee.  Even an NGO or an institution which is in contact with an MP may approach the MP or help you approach the M.P.  Otherwise, just e-mail, call or stand outside your leaders house!

Your objective should be to get the entire country including youth, media and influential persons to speak with one voice and demand from parliamentarians passage of a "Strong Lokpal Bill which delivers real outcomes" and delivery on the following three factors:

a)      Urgency – in passage and implementation of the Bill

b)      Consensus – striving to find a common denominator amongst conflicting views

c)      Commitment – a dedication towards a strong anti-corruption agency that will achieve real outcomes and include best practices from across the world.

A sample format for approaching the M.P has been provided below (you are free to modify this).

Corruption Free India (CFI) is a youth led movement whose single point agenda is the passage, with a sense of urgency, of a "Strong Lokpal Bill which delivers real outcomes". CFI has a web-page ( and facebook page (2011CFI) Join Us Now!

E-mails of some members of the Standing Committee:



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    1. CFI Youth make a Presentation to M.P Jay Panda of the BJD

      Sidhartha Jatar
      Petition Organizer

      We implemented the M.P outreach!! You can too!!

    2. Reached 2,500 signatures


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    • deepthi haran SALEM, TN
      • about 3 years ago


    • amit sharma DELHI, IN
      • about 3 years ago

      just to make a tribute to the life sacrifice by our freedom fighters.

      hats off to them...

    • Nambiathan K.S. GHAZIABAD, U.P. INDIA, INDIA
      • about 3 years ago

      One should not escape obeying rules and one should not escape proper punishment after committing wrong deeds.

    • Shweta Vaity MUMBAI, INDIA
      • about 3 years ago

      We want a corruption free India.

    • Rajesh Patni PUNE, INDIA
      • about 3 years ago

      I fully support the anti-corruption movement, It is a massage to elected represantatives that either you are with Anna or you are corrupt, and we will not vote for corrupt leaders.

      Jai Hind.


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