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Member Nations of the UNITED NATIONS Open Disclosure of Alien Life forms

Tell the people the truth. Disclosure.

    1. Margaret Juul Ammann
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      Margaret Juul Ammann

      Saint Petersburg, FL

The governments of the world have been hiding specific credible information from the public that the human race has been contacted by and has been working along side alien, 'other world' life forms. With that being said...

We the undersigned citizens of many nations hereby joining“The World UFO Disclosure Campaign” request that you encourage Member Nations of the UNITED NATIONS to take certain elementary actions in regard to their official studies of and activities related to the phenomenon known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s).

First, it is a well-established fact that UFOs (with reference to craft-like objects from outer space that have interacted closely with human beings) are a world-wide phenomenon. Practically every Nation has conducted official investigations into UFOs, but the findings typically are shrouded in secrecy.

We request that you take action to encourage Member Nations to;

1- have U.N General Assembly to hold open and secrecy free hearings on the UFO/E.T presence on Earth.

2- declassify and release all UFO files or records in their possessions; It is important that vital information not be withheld from the public.

3- promulgate regulations or laws requiring military personnel, professional pilots, police officers, and maritime personnel to generate reports on any UFOs sighted in the course of their professional duties and to make those reports freely available to the public knowledge.

4- To hold open hearings on advanced energy and propulsion systems related to the subject that, when publicly released, will provide solutions to global environmental and other challenges

A disclosure can be one of the greatest galvanizing and transcendent moments in human history. We believe, this disclosure will be the starting point of a new era unprecedented in world history, unify the mankind with a new spirit of peace and brotherhood and launch a new process that will lead humanity to an era of intergalactic communication and wisdom.

We expect from U.N to undertake this crucial mission for the sake of mankind.

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    • linda hicks ARVADA, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      we deserve to know the truth

      • over 2 years ago

      Thanks to the efforts of Sir Eric Gairy of Grenada, there is a UN Decision 33/426 already in place that if any single nation steps forward and requests it, the UN will formally investigate UFO reports.


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