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    1. Lee Anne Jones
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      Lee Anne Jones

      Tinton Falls, NJ




The process for one with a disability to be approved by Social Security for Social Security Disability is extremely difficult. WHY! Why, when someone is in most need of assistance is given the most resistance?

LAWS MUST BE CHANGED! To protect those who are disabled and need these life saving benefits. These laws on the books for Social Security were put in place in the 1950's.

If someone is in serious medical crisis. Seeing a state medical doctor which is part of Social Security's process. Should be the first priority and not the last step. This drags out the process and could cost a person their life. The state medical doctors records should be made available to you. After all they are making life decisions. Should'nt you have a right to know who these doctors are and what they say about you? I was told that it is confidential. Something seems terribly wrong with this system.

My son was diagnosed with Stage V Renal  Failure and Polyarteritis Nodosa on July 12, 2012. This disease is rare and not even recognized by Social Security. This disease attacks the major organs in the body and in most cases goes undetected. Social Security thinks he is not disabled??? How can this be and who is behind the scenes making these poor decisions at the cost of my sons life when he is in need of a kidney transplant? I asked this question and they told me that is private information. Interesting considering the fact that nothing is private for my son. THE DOCTORS SENT OVER 600+ pages proving his disability proving he is unable to work. Why cause this man grief at this time of his life when he is in a crisis?

Social Security is guarded with their information and fails to answer any legitimate questions I have asked. Why???

Social Security Administration claims that the law states the wait for Medicare is  24 months.

Medicare told me that any person in the stages of Renal Failure cannot be denied Medicare. Medicare directed us to go back to Social Security Administration. We were handed a 40 page print out stating Medicare will cover those in complete kidney failure or those who have had a transplant.

Why is one contradicting the other? How in the world is someone without insurance getting a transplant without Medicare in place with no insurance? Obviously, if you are applying for diability and medicare you need the assistance for the transplant.

 If you have no insurance and your doctor diagnoses you disabled and unable to work. You apply for Social Security Disability then you are told you have to wait 24 months for Medicare? This does not make sense to me.

Bryan's temporary disability with the state ended the first of October 2012.  Now, he has nothing and has applied for SSI and they told him they are not able to make a decision until the SSD has  made a determination, that determination is whether he is truely disabled. WHAT? WHY, would they doubt the doctors at the hospital that is treating him? WHY? 

This delay also  prevents those from being added to the kidney donor list and prevents you from PAAD. PAAD is the prescription plan that is available if you are on Medicare.
My son Bryan was diagnosed with STAGE V  Kidney  Failure on July 12, 2012. Bryan was on unemployment and had no health insurance. Doctors were stunned that Bryan had kidney failure and STAGE 5.  Bryan was admitted on July 6, and diagnosed July 12th.
Doctors placed him on disability. The rare disease known as Polyarteritis Nodosa is what caused Bryan's hyper tension and kidney failure. In most patients the disease goes undetected.
Social Security Disability says Medicare will not be available for 24 months. Doctors informed the SSD that Bryan was Stage 5 renal failure. SS states until Bryan is in complete failure, then  Medicare will kick in. This prevents him from going on a donor list. Bryan was also told he will need a kidney within a year.

Bryan was just in a car accident last week. The hospital found fluid around his heart and decided to admit him. We left to grab some things from home. Hospital then suddently wanted to release him. NO HEALTH CARE, NO CARE! I called the nurse immediately in ER and requested they not send Bryan home. I stated, " Why risk sending Bryan home with fluid around the heart!"" Not my son if you want to do more tests he is there now!" Why tell him to go back to the clinic tomorrow. YES, this is still happening. If you allow it to.
They kept Bryan and after a few test the next evening he was released. Doctor states it is a small amount of fluid, not worth risking sticking a needle in. If you feel bad just come back. HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO KNOW? Are they going to monitor it? YES, this is still happening to those without health insurance. Sad truth is it probably happens to those with health insurance.

I believe that if you were in this circumstance or a family member, you would expect these programs to be available. If your question is what about Medicaid. They have guidelines and in this case the unemployment was above the 900.00 guidelines so Bryan did not qualify. Bryan had to drop his unemployment to go on State Disability and nothing else is available. The health plans are outrageous and the copays are 30.00 to 50.00 a visit. That is more than anyone can afford on unemployment or disability. Especially, when he is paying for medications out of pocket. Total of 8 medications.
By Social Security Disability waiting for someone to go into complete failure. This means they go on dialysis. Dialysis is 3 times a week. People are on dialysis for months if not years. Possibly never getting a donor. The cost is out of this world I was told 1,500.00 each dialysis treatment.  If Medicare is made available to those in the stages of Renal Failure, they are placed on a donor list immediately. Think of the money saved from lengthy time of dialysis. If they are fortunate to find their donors. Dialysis takes a toll on the body. A kidney transplant only makes much more sense. I think it is time for change.
Amber alert is for those lost. This enable a quick chance for finding the lost.
In this case let us give hope of finding a donor fast. By placing a person in need of a donor on the list enables them a better chance at life. Let us be proactive instead of reactive.
Please sign this petition. Help to save my son's life and those who fall between the cracks.
MAKE MEDICARE AVAILABLE FOR THOSE IN THE STAGES OF RENAL FAILURE! In fact Medicare stated that it is available to those in Renal Failure. Social Security says no you must be in complete failure. So, who is telling the truth and why are they not on the same page. Why when you ask who are the doctors making these decisions, we are told that is confidential information.

NOTE* BRYAN JANNELL, graduated from Mercer County Fireman Academy in June 2012. It was not easy for Bryan. All along not knowing he was struggling with kidney failure and he completed the course he made it. Soon after graduating Fire Academy, Bryan completed SORA to receive a certificate for Security. Bryan sold his belongings to use the $350.00 to pay for that Certification. Bryan also wanted to continue his training with Fire Academy to become an Inspector. Dreams were shattered but his human spirit is not shattered. Bryan's fight now is for a Kidney.

Time for Change...let us give those who are in need of donors the opportunity to be placed on a list without delay.

 Please, support my petition with your signature. Bryan 29 years old has his whole life before him. Bryan deserves every chance there is for a kidney. So, does anyone else in this position. Bryan who graduated from Fire Academy wanted to help save lives himself. Now, let us work together to help give him that chance again.



Medicare decides not to cover certain testing  used to monitor and prevent a serious health issue. Medicare opts only to allow 53 tests per year. The doctor states monitoring this issue is essential to prevent issue and cost the patient surgeries to fix the problem.

NOTE: The testing is more cost effective than the repeated surgeries that he has endured. I ask that you sign this petition and help me make this change that will enable patients to monitor themselves as doctor prescribes and save money and lives. Thank you for your continued support.

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    1. Save Lives

      Lee Anne Jones
      Petition Organizer


    2. Happy Thanksgiving

      Lee Anne Jones
      Petition Organizer

      Hi Everyone,

      I know your all getting ready for Thanksgiving and let me take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful holiday. I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my family at home. Looking forward to this time together.
      I know it is a busy time but I would like to ask that you keep seeking new supporters for this petition. I have extended my petition time period and am in this for the long term. I truly believe in this and want to see that there are changes made. I cannot do this alone. So, please share this and ask that those friends and family members to join and sign.
      Then, make sure they do the same. I appreciate every bit of your support.

      God Bless you all,
      Lee Anne Jones - News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Local & Lifestyle

      'The Baby Nurturer' If you listen carefully to the answers you are given by a prospective nanny, you will have a really good idea of who the person is that you are interviewing. Joanne Goldblum Founder and Executive Director, National Diaper Bank Network Much attention has been focused on changing food deserts for the sake of the nation's health.

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    4. One month later....still waiting.

      Lee Anne Jones
      Petition Organizer

      Spoke to the Social Security Adjudicator for Bryan's case today. After my numerous calls for a month requesting the status. I'm told Sept. 21, 2012. That the doctors for.Social Security want to know where Bryan is seen by doctors. This is.amusing.considering the fact that Bryan has only been seeing one group at one hospital. They are.aware.of this they received all the reports August 15, 2012. It's been more than a month and they haven't determined he is disabled? I can tell you Bryans doctors made.that clear.

    5. Reached 10 signatures

      Lee Anne Jones
      Petition Organizer

      I wanted to update you on the status of my petition for Medicare change.
      I now have 2 signatures along with mine in the past hour. Now, it is time for you to share my campaign and see if we can get more signatures. Thank you for your support.


    Reasons for signing

    • John Noonan FAIR HAVEN, NJ
      • 9 months ago

      This young man has only his Mother for support and that which he received from our Federal and State Governments. It is important that all aid, because of his age, be given in an attempt to save his important, young life by extraordinary means. Means by which we, as a whole can cut through barriers of the long length of time-- preventing him from receiving all necessary care that has been approved by his doctors whom the government has already approved to set into motion what is needed Now, not after he may pass away due to length, again, of time. Please see through the barriers and either make this a fast and permanent change or level with all people of what the outcome will be without any change...a premature death, a lifetime of dialysis or even a lifetime under disability. Americans are willing to sacrifice when it comes to our youth, especially. I happen to know this family of decent and Good American people. I see fit that we do something now before it is too late. All young life is for a good cause as is all life in general. If it was not for my own disability and my ability to see Psychiatrists and social workers on a quick and needy -- as needed, basis, I believe I would have taken my life long ago, but I was able to use my disability granted to me to save my own life. The youngster cannot use the system as well as I can, correct? Things were explained to me and with the help of many, may people, I was able to understand the nature of what I must do and continue to do. I am not "Cured: by any means...but the ability as you gave me, to act upon the nature of my diseases, allowed me to save my own life...several times. I thank you for all of the help you have given to me and the help I will need in the future; this family needs everything done now though, not two years or even a year from now. Imagine how close he is to a permanent place in our society which will cost a lot more over many years than it will right now to implement the help he needs to change his near death nature into a positive, living event. I hope you can do for this family NOW which you have done for me. Thank you for your time and Please find it in your hearts and minds to change a good system into a great one. People, in this case, need help now, really, they do and it cannot occur without your help and support. Thank you again and without carrying the weight of the world upon your shoulders, give this family, this young man a fighting chance to survive through your programs and through his Mothers wished to save her Sons important and God Given Life. Sincerely and best regards

      John Noonan

    • Lee Anne Jones TINTON FALLS, NJ
      • 9 months ago

      Seeking more support please join me.

    • beverly morton SOPHIA, NC
      • 9 months ago

      beverly s morton

    • Lee Anne Jones TINTON FALLS, NJ
      • almost 2 years ago

      Update! Thank you for all the 56 signatures and support. Together we can make a difference. My son's battle is not over. We continue asking for your prayers and support. Keep this going and continue asking for more supporters.

      Social Security Disability Determination finally recognized my son as being disabled. We continue seeking changes within the system. I cannot forget what we went through and hopefully my efforts will ensure someone else a better chance at a fair chance. Laws must be updated and created to help the most vulernable.

    • Charles Van Es CAPE CORAL, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      sorry to hear about Bryan's kidney failure, any hospital that is treating him must have social workers that will help him, get to a dialysis treatment center or transplant center, but the law states you must be on dialysis to get Medicare. the very first day on dialysis he's on it. same for transplant, he must be on a Medicare proved transplant list

      then they will pay all cost & pay for meds for 4 years only , after that you pay , they will cost several thousand $ a year

      I was on dialysis for 13 years & after being on the transplant list for 3 years got a kidney new year eve 2008

      Bryan can have a normal life on dialysis, school or work until he gets on the list , the wait here in SW Florida for a transplant is only 3 years, it goes by 6 point factor, tissue, blood type, age, weight, & so on. I wish him all the best . if you have any questions send a letter


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