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Medical Marijuana in Indiana

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      David Maupin

      Cambridge City, IN

There are two Amendments currently being considered in Indiana, which would help bring medical marijuana to the state of Indiana.

Allowing the use of medical marijuana in Indiana could help bring relief to thousands of Hoosiers, who would otherwise suffer unnecessarily.

Much research has been conducted and has shown that marijuana treats multiple ailments, more effectively and safely than most currently prescribed medications. The bills can be found at the following sites.



Following is a link to a list of General Assembly members in Indiana.


Following is a link to a youtube video concerning recent marijuana studies.


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    • Lori Rodeffer ALBANY, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      As long as it used for many medical reasons, what's wrong with it? Especially when our country legalized alcohol, and I was hit, ran over, and get dragged down an alley by a drunk driver. They legalize things like alcohol, prescribed meds, and others that are actually killing people everyday. But want to put someone in jail for something that helps them.

    • Aaron Lehman INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      they make a pill for every problem there is you got a nose bleed take a pill u got muscle cramps and pain take a pill. Pills kill, they're addictive as hell n destroy your body. Marijuana is natural, safe , non-addictive, and works on a long list of problems. its renewable and a cash crop every part of it can be used for something. Hemp can be used to make high quality paper clothes and rope. There is zero downside to the legalization of it. Plus above all else it would lower the use of serious drugs dramatically. There has never been a reported case of a strictly pot smoke ever getting cancer and it actually destroys cancer cells.

      Plus only a small percent of users admit to it because they feel they would be targeted by the government and or lose their jobs, so in truth i dont know a person that doesnt smoke it. From owners of companies to the grunt labor force. There is only upsides to its use and legalization, out of all the drugs the government allows to be sold to us 90% of which have horrible side affects, and guess what marijuana has none. Please tell me why this illegal and dont use the law as a bullshit shield. They are dead wrong having it as a tier one drug, it is completly harmless and if we would supply our country with it we would put the cartels almost out of business and free up billions for real problems this country is facing a tanking economy for one and a generation of pill heads for two and we would rake in couple billion a year just like california does.

    • Connor Becker FORT WAYNE, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      There is no excuse to invade people's private ingestion of drugs in any situation, but more importantly in a situation in which it could improve their quality of life during illness. Cannabis has insignificant personal side effects compared to tobacco or alcohol and in many studies it has been found to be a great pain reliever, appetite stimulant, and strangely even potentially good for one's resperatory functions. I'm against public criminality of drug possession in all cases (if harm is caused to another person, the full weight of a drunk driving offense should be carried out), but in the case of sick patients it is appalling that the government would continue to outlaw a potentially beneficial natural treatment. I hereby express my support as an Indiana resident to legalize Marijuana for medicinal purposes.

    • Kristi Hughes FORT WAYNE, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      My husbands sister just passed away from breast cancer. She was soo weak and frail from the chemo making her vomit soo much. I understand that if this were available, she may have been able to sustain herself and not vomit so frequently. There are many people in our state that would benefit from the use of marijuana. You do not have a right to keep people from treatments that could save their life. My sister in-law might still be with us if she could have held down food. Nobody can survive without nourishment. PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!

    • Daniel Hughes FORT WAYNE, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      My siblings and I just burried my sister two weeks ago from breast cancer. I understand that this would have helped deal with all of the vomotting from the chemo. She may not have wasted away if she could have eaten and held her food down. I understand that marijuana would have settled her stomach down so she could sustain herself with nourishment, Please consider this bill, we don't know what the future holds for the rest of us.


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