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Medicaid - Share of Cost: Get rid of the "Share of Cost" division of Medicaid.
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Medicaid - Share of Cost
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Medicaid - Share of Cost: Get rid of the "Share of Cost" division of Medicaid.

    1. Jennifer Johnson
    2. Petition by

      Jennifer Johnson

      Cape Coral, FL

It costs the government more money to have "Share of Cost".  

It costs the employees time to work the cases like these and to deal with the people who are on "Share of Cost" who call in with questions and/or concerns because they just don't get it.

It also causes more stress and medical problems to the people that really are already in need of medical help.

Also, If people want to go around the system, they just have to go to the ER at the beginning of the month to meet their "Share of Cost" and be covered for the rest of the month. Mind you - ER visits can cost $1500 and up! That is absurd.

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    • John Smith SACRAMENTO, CA
      • 12 months ago

      Just cost to much

    • Iic You SACRAMENTO, CA
      • 12 months ago

      This might not be happening in your state, but it is happening in others and we thank you for supporting our cause to change this. We need life for our aging parents or ourselves to be better than it is now.

    • Iic You SACRAMENTO, CA
      • 12 months ago

      I care for my Mother who has Alzheimer's and needs 24/7 care now. I can't work outside the home and depend on the County program and Medi-cal system. My Mothers SSI is high, the share cost is more than 2/3 of her income and now it is considered my income. We are basically living on her SSI only. Our rent is higher than the amount they expect her to pay me. I struggle and stress daily to make the food last, or keep her warm enough.

      I don't expect them to exactly do away with it, but at least raise the cost of living amount from 600.00 to 1000.00 maybe. I just need a fair cost of living amount. This $600 was determined in 1957, and back then $600 was a decent amount to live on, but not now here in 2013.

      I also am thinking about my future, I too will need this system to assist me in my aging years and 16 years from now I am sure that the cost of living will be way more than $600.

    • Iic You SACRAMENTO, CA
      • 12 months ago

      I am in this boat............Share cost is killing me!!!!

    • henry wason SPRINGH HILL, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      As if it isn't hard enough being poor. Walk a day in our shoes! You state reps just vote your own type of coverage, i should also have the right to vote for my own coverage. Heartless, soul-less people in government who voted this program in just to line their own pockets on the backs of the poor, no protection for the poor, only care about making themselves richer and the rich richer. It's sickening, and it costs a heck of a lot more when people can't be checked pro-actively to prevent more serious medical conditions from starting in the first place. You want to save money, re-instate full medicaid and make it mandatory that people have regular check-ups to prevent more serious problems from occurring, thus reducing the need for MUCH more expensive treatments and procedures in the future.


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