Please feature Pit Bulls in a television ad campaign.
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Please feature Pit Bulls in a television ad campaign.

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      Nikhi C.

      New Glasgow, Canada

Many of us grew up looking forward to our birthday parties at McDonalds. We also looked forward to spending the McDonalds gift certificates we got for Christmas with our friends. A lot of us grew up and continued bringing our children to McDonalds, watching them play with their Happy Meal toys or meeting new friends in the park. A lot of us grew up and added pets to our families, and a lot of these dogs are Pit Bulls. A lot of these Pit Bulls wait eagerly for us to return from a fun meal at McDonalds.

A lot of us also have shaved our heads. Some of us, with Pit Bulls donate our hair as often as we can to organizations like Locks for Love. Some of us do it so we have a cleaner look. Some of us do it as a statement. Some of us do it because it was Sunday. Heads are shaved for many reasons. It is not "risky". Not in 2012. It is an antiquated and offensive quip in a food jingle.

This commercial that you claim was from a local radio ad, was conceived and then signed off on. This one ad, that could have been test marketing in one area, or simply was one group of restaurants, in one specific area, SHOULD have followed guidelines. I am sure in these guidelines there is some stipulation about pointing out people, making them feel like second class citizens because they have chosen to adopt a stray Pit Bull, or have shaved their heads. Maybe the target audience has a few people who are battling cancer, and need that service dog, who worked hard to stand by their side and help them through the toughest battle of their life. Or maybe, the person who pet that stray Pit Bull, with a shaved head is the person who will go on to help many nations.

That this was signed off on and did make it to air is shameful. You have allowed derogatory and wrong information to be passed on. You offered a negative opinion. We ask that you not only remove the commercial from future airing, and go further than an apology via a Facebook status or Twitter update and air a televised commercial featuring former stray Pit Bulls who HAVE gone on to help society by being a police dog, a therapy dog OR a working/service dog, as well as beloved family pet. I am able to provide you with possible angles you can take, to help redeem this moment of ignorance and shame, but I will not. McDonalds has been in business long enough and has taken over the world, you should know better.

The entire Pit Bull community is a large one, and because we face going against life changing laws and ignorance about this breed of dog, we will not be appeased by a Facebook status. The commercial and your subsequent actions have caused our families and the effect on our dogs more distress than is needed. And, it could have been ANY dog, for that matter. We pay enough for the ignorance and myths from others, we will not accept it from a corporation we all once loved.

We, The Pit Bull Community and supporters, stand united, globally. And each of us asks you to consider what we face, and how this negative image has hurt our families, our friends and our communities. We ask you to move forward, in a positive and progressive manner, and help undo some of the harm you have caused, by presenting a more realistic image than the one you aired.

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    • Becky Wilde BAY SAINT LOUIS, MS
      • over 2 years ago

      I own a pit bull and have 4 small children and my pitbull is a big big baby. Look up dog bite statistics Pitbulls are not on the top of the list and I hate this stereotype.

    • Kathleen Eskelson COLUMBUS, OH
      • over 2 years ago

      Because it is not the dog...its the owners

    • edward noye VICTORIA, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      i love pitbulls. i despise this social stigma that is being perpetrated against them. it is racism pure and simple. my family and i will NEVER eat at mcdonals'a aGAIN unless you make a commercial that apologizes and features pitties as the loving pets they are. and run it to the same audience that you ran the propoganda adds to.

    • Jacqueline Gritsch LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I don't think McDonald's can ever make up for what they did to pit bulls, but, from now on, they should feature a pit bull in every single ad, forever. Pit bulls are wonderful loving dogs, unlike the people that make the ads for & approve the ads for McDonald's (who are obviously pit bull haters).

    • Dodie Jodice NORTH FORT MYERS, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Have the greatest friend and dog in the world a pit and she is better and more gentle than any other dog...I stand behind its the owner not the dog at fault always...caring owner caring dog


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