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Send MassDOT back to the drawing board!

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      Bridging ForestHills

      Jamaica Plain, MA

We are concerned about eliminating the Casey Overpass. Substituting a 6-lane, street-level highway at Forest Hills will have a devastating impact on all the surrounding communities. We challenge the Mass. Department of Transportation's hurried decision to remove rather than replace the Casey Overpass:

- Route 203 is the main East-West route to the Longwood Medical Area, Fenway Park, and college neighborhoods. The street-level plan will cause more congestion for everyone! We deserve HONESTY.

- Use the money to build a Beautiful Bridge! We deserve GOOD DESIGN.

- We deserve TO BE HEARD.

Please, Mr. Mayor, help stop this bullying of Boston citizens by MassDOT. We don't want a congested, polluting traffic nightmare rammed through Forest Hills. As our neighbor, we believe that you should not either. Send MassDOT back to the drawing board! We want real options that include plans for a well-designed bridge.

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    1. BFH Update to Supporters 9/4/14

      Bridging ForestHills
      Petition Organizer

      Bridging Forest Hills has not gone away! We have been published in The Boston Globe opinion pages; held signs and collected signatures at Wake Up the Earth, The Monument and at Forest Hills; showed up in force at Mayor Walsh’s JP coffee hour; spent 40 minutes with the Mayor in his office; and more.

      Casey Overpass Project Update:

      MassDOT advertised for contractors to remove the Casey Overpass and build the at-grade scheme. The cost of the project has ballooned to $61.3 million, a 15% increase. Almost $62 million to NOT build a bridge—incredibly expensive. The huge savings predicted by not replacing the bridge have shrunk to peanuts and the negatives associated with the at-grade are growing.

      The schedule is slipping daily. Originally MassDOT was going to select a contractor Aug. 5. The bid opening has been pushed back three times and is now scheduled for Oct. 7. Contractors have been asking many questions and pointing out scores of errors and inconsistencies. Delays are good for BFH.

      Lost Shea Circle: BFH attempted to convince the Mass. Historical Commission (MHC) that historic Shea Circle could be converted into a modern roundabout. Unfortunately, MHC bought MassDOT’s lame arguments that it could do nothing else to improve safety and pedestrian/bike access other than destroy the Circle and replace it with a huge signalized intersection with six lanes of traffic. Our efforts forced a much lengthier review than MassDOT anticipated.

      Met with Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Gillooly et al. He defended the at-grade scheme, but basically could not articulate why the at-grade is better than a bridge other than saying taking bridges down is all the rage.

      Met with Mayor Walsh for 40+ minutes at City Hall on July 23. The Mayor spoke about the value of a bridge, but said it's a state project, they have made up their mind, and he can't get anywhere with the state. The Mayor said if he were doing this now he would want a bridge and a new surface road pattern. The Mayor said he hears a lot from the "other side" (at-grade fans), so when you see him or e-mail him tell him you are waiting for him to call for a second look as he promised in the campaign. He especially said he wants to hear from West Roxbury bridge supporters. or call 617-635-4500.

      Historical note: Forty-five years ago, a flood of demonstrators showed up over and over again, organized, and forced Gov. Francis Sargent to halt highway building and convene a restudy of state transportation policy. “We were wrong,” Sargent said, and his moratorium led to canceling the Southwest Expressway that would have ripped through Jamaica Plain and other neighborhoods. JP organized then and can do it again!

      We still need your help!
      Send the link to the petition to the Mayor to friends who want a bridge
      E-mail or call the Mayor and tell him we need a second look at the options or call 617-635-4500.
      Write a letter to the JP Gazette ( or West Roxbury Bulletin ( asking for a moratorium.
      Donate to Bridging Forest Hills.
      Reply to this with activities you can do and your creative ideas to help keep BFH visible!

      Casey Overpass plan is flawed - The Boston Globe

      If the bureaucrats at MassDOT have their way, the aging Casey Overpass in Jamaica Plain will not be repaired or replaced by a new bridge even though it connects Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan to Jamaica Plain, Brookline, and the Longwood Medical Area, moving 24,000 vehicle trips per day over and through Forest Hills.

    2. BFH Visibility Event this Saturday

      Bridging ForestHills
      Petition Organizer

      Two things:

      1. We are still working to stop the elimination of the Casey Overpass at Forest Hills. We need to stay visible so that people don't think that the fight is over.

      This Saturday 6/21/14 from 12-2 please join us at Forest Hills to hold signs and gather more signatures for our petition to fix or replace the Casey. We will have signs, or you can bring your own signs.

      Please go to this link and check the box if you can join us.

      2. We are planning a surprise visit to the Mayor's office some time soon. In his campaign he promised to work with us and The State to take another look at this issue. Instead, he has continued to refuse to meet with us, telling us it is "complicated!" This is not acceptable.

      This will be a surprise visit, so the time and date are not advertised. It will be some weekday, mid-day. If you might be willing and interested in participating, please reply to this email and include your phone #.

    3. Reached 750 signatures
    4. Marty Walsh is only Mayoral Candidate Supporting a Bridge at Forest Hills

      Bridging ForestHills
      Petition Organizer

      Hello Friends of Bridging Forest Hills

      Thank you to all recent signers of this petition. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to sign too.

      Marty Walsh is the only mayoral candidate with this clearly stated position: "I am personally against tearing down the overpass." Mayoral candidates were recently asked about the Casey Overpass in a Transportation & Livable Communities Mayoral Questionnaire. The questionnaire was biased toward the notion that communities are more "livable" when a bridge like the Casey is eliminated.

      The other candidates made more politically waffling statements so they can go either way on this issue. For all their comments go to

      In the JP/West Roxbury district city council race, Luis Valerio is a strong supporter of the need for a bridge at Forest Hills. Matt O'Malley supports getting rid of the bridge.

      Please vote for Walsh & Valerio on Tuesday! - Start, Join, and Win Campaigns for Change is the web's leading platform for social change, empowering anyone, anywhere to start petitions that make a difference.

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    6. MEPA Hearing coming up Dec. 13!

      Bridging ForestHills
      Petition Organizer

      Please join us at the MEPA (Mass. Environmental Policy Act) hearing on the Casey Overpass:

      Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 6:00pm
      English High School
      144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain
      (enter The English High School from Williams Street)

      The environmental review is our best opportunity to turn around MassDOT's decision to not replace the Casey with a new bridge. We need you to show the discontent with the biased process and the huge amount of opposition to this decision. This should trigger an EIR (Environmental Impact Report) that would look more extensively at how the state came to its decision, and how it was flawed. There is also a site walk at 3:00 pm. Please visit to RSVP. Thank you!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Patti Hudson JAMAICA PLAIN, MA
      • 22 days ago

      FLOW is important to me. Bridge would have more flow. Less asphalt, less stop and go traffic.

    • Liz ORourke MILTON, MA
      • 22 days ago

      When I take my son to his weekly doctors appt. in Brookline it's the best way to go. Without the bridge it will be a slow nightmare plus much more time getting there. My son will refuse to go and this is the best doctor he's ever had.

    • Chuck Rosina MEDFORD, MA
      • 23 days ago

      The Casey Overpass is a convenient way to cross over Forest Hills without adding or getting into the congestion down below.

    • Lauren Rolfe WEST ROXBURY, MA
      • 25 days ago

      Traffic will be horrendous if the bridge is not rebuilt.

    • miren uriarte JAMAICA PLAIN, MA
      • 25 days ago

      I live close by and go on that bridge every day on my way to work


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