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Stop the eviction of Occupy LA

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      Colin Occupier


Recent dialogue between Occupy LA and the city imploded because representatives of City Hall were bargaining in bad faith. The resolution that was passed by City Hall on 10/13/11 clearly states many of the reasons why Occupy LA continues to reside in the public park around city hall. The resolution can be found here: http://clkrep.lacity.org/onlinedocs/2009/09-0234-S1_ca_10-12-11.pdf. The issues include, but are not limited to: mortgage fraud and government debt crisis; unemployment and underemployment; wealth inequality; health disparity; educational costs; and crumbling infrastructure. Not only are all Californians and Americans facing this crisis, but so are all humans who live under the same system of wealth and health for some, and poverty and illness for the rest of us. While the city decries that our encampment is “unsustainable,” Occupy LA charges that the unjust economic system is what brought about this occupy movement and it is that dysfunctional system that remains truly unsustainable.

Part of City Hall's resolution to support Occupy LA, illustrates why occupiers choose to live in public. The resolution states: “The Occupy demonstrations are a rapidly growing movement with the shared goal of urging U.S. citizens to peaceably assemble and occupy public space in order to create a shared dialogue by which to address the problems and generate solutions for economically distressed Americans.” This financial crisis did not happen overnight, and formulating solutions that address its local, national, and global scope may take years.

Occupy LA is in its infancy. It is not an organization; it is an occupation. This fact was never hidden from the city. Furthermore, Occupy LA was already occupying the lawn at 200 N Spring, when this resolution was passed. So with regard to ending our occupation of City Hall in exchange for some office space, we say no thanks. The gesture of offering office space and a farm was generous, but this does not address any of the problems outlined in their 10/13/11 resolution or in our grievances. And for point of clarification, the Mayor did NOT give Occupy LA sufficient time to even discuss this offer through our General Assembly before notifying Occupy LA he would evict and withdrawing his offer. Three days is not enough time to debate this critical issue and neither is a 72 hour notice to vacate.

It seems like a lifetime ago when Mayor Villaraigosa sent ponchos to us during the first rainy days of Occupy LA, but we have not forgotten his gesture of kindness. It was symbolic and needed support. We ask for the same support now and request that no force be used against us. We have witnessed the police violence against peaceful occupiers at UC Berkeley, UC Davis and in San Francisco and Oakland. The violence reflects badly on our entire state. As Californians, we do not want to see any more blood of the citizens on the hands of the police.

Occupy LA asks Mayor Villaraigosa and city council members to be patient with our process and not bend to the will of the corporations who want to see Occupy LA brutalized. Today, Occupy LA calls on Villaraigosa to do what is necessary to halt an impending threat of a raid, so that Occupy LA can get back to its essential work of creating solutions to a global crisis that will only worsen if we do not collectively act now.

Please sign this petition if you want Occupy LA to stay on the lawn surrounding City Hall.

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    • Alice McGough MASHPEE, MA
      • almost 3 years ago

      IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SIGN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul Schuth ROMEOVILLE, IL
      • almost 3 years ago

      You are in violation of UN Human Rights, and should be removed from office due to this offense. You took an oath, and are acting in a manner contrary to the oath you swore to.

    • Jenna Vandal WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • almost 3 years ago

      LAPD are self righteous, brutal, unfair, power blinded assholes. The occupiers have every right to be there.

    • Carol Mannarino WILTON, NH
      • almost 3 years ago

      I am signing this because the people of the Occupy movement are working for me and the rest of this country without pay, unlike those elected officials who are being paid and NOT working for me. Their cause is just, they are peaceful, leave them alone!

    • Tammy Shaver LOS ANGELES, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      As a person who was homeless on the streets of LA for two years, this needs to be a wake up call. All we are asking for is human dignity. The shelters provided to the homeless are inadequate. Drugs are shared in the shelter bathrooms, crime litters the areas where you have conveniently place these buildings, and you purposely separate families who work much better as a team. You repeated ignore us and run us off of street corners simply for resting, and yet criminals sit openly on the sidewalks in plain view with 20 shopping carts and drug paraphernalia. Even having my own place now does not d0 justice. I am forced to pay $300 a month in rent with only a power cord coming through the window to provide me minimal light, heating and internet access. The system has failed us, and yet they frown when we are homeless. Due to this failure I lost my husband under the pressure of daily living, the stress was to much for either of us. And for this you call it "Justice." I call it "Barbaric."


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