Divest from Chase and instead bank LOCAL!
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Divest from Chase and instead bank LOCAL!

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The City of Phoenix plans to renew its banking contract with JP Morgan Chase on July 1st, entrusting our money once again to a major contributor of the financial crisis that wreaked havoc on our city. Instead, they should utilize LOCAL community banks to strengthen Phoenix's financial infrastructure and to invest in companies that are investing in us.

Why would the city continue to reward the bad behavior of large banks such as Chase? Because we've sat back and allowed them to do so -- until now!

Please sign this petition to tell Mayor & Council that we want OUR taxpayer money to support OUR economy, OUR businesses, and OUR community -- NOT a mega-bank that has no vested interests in the well-being of our Phoenix community.

Information on how to also vocalize your desire at a City Council meeting can be found here:

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    • Jason Grosso MESA, AZ
      • over 2 years ago

      I feel we should not hand a single dime over to the very institution who managed to lose over $2 billion in a mere six weeks via an extremely risky "hedge" as they called it. We should utilize our local financial institutions and keep the money in the Valley.


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