Kill the "Late Night Zoning Overlay" That Forces Downtown Charleston Eating & Drinking Establishments to Close at Midnight!
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Police Chief Greg Mullen
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Kill the "Late Night Zoning Overlay" That Forces Downtown Charleston Eating & Drinking Establishments to Close at Midnight!

    1. Blake Weisel
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      Blake Weisel

      Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina's Mayor Joe Riley and Poliece Chief Greg Mullen are making it their mission to CLOSE ALL Restaurants, Bars, Grocery Stores, Fast Food and Gas Stations in Downtown Charleston's King Street, Market Area and East Bay St. at 12am and remain closed until 6am. Exceptions to this rule are to allow hotel bars and restaurants to remain open after 12am. This new joke of a proposal comes via the Late Night Zoning Overlay (click here to view).

It is critical for the future well being of Charleston's thriving food & beverage scene that this Late Night Zoning Overlay does not pass for the following reasons:

1. Loss of jobs and profit for hard working Charlestonians on the Peninsula

2. Loss of Charleston as a premier food & entertainment destination in the world that we have worked so hard to build

3. Killing all entertainment on the Peninsula and unfairly forcing residents to drive away from otherwise walkable areas to find food, drinks, groceries, gas and entertainment at night - likely leading to a rise in motor accidents.

4. Loss of revenue for Charleston's highly populated downtown districts

The Charleston City Paper feels that this is likely to pass and it is our job to make sure that the leaders of Charleston hear our voice!

Locals and Tourists alike will not benefit from this law passing... let's make sure we do not fall vitcim to the political motivations of Mayor Riley and Chief Mullen!


**Note that while it has been repeatedly stated by the Mayor and other Councilmen that this will only affect NEW businesses, please keep in mind that will likely lead to the eventual closing of other establishments that have already been in business, sold their business...etc. This will lead to less quality restaurants investing in the Downtown Charleston area and will essentially bind business owners to their existing locations because they will not have a fair opportunity to compete in a new location. We need to embrace the growing food culture that has helped to bring Charleston to the #1 seat on the worldwide stage! 

Police Chief Greg Mullen
Joe Riley, Mayor of Charleston, SC
Kill the "Late Night Zoning Overlay" That Forces Downtown Charleston Eating & Drinking Establishments to Close at Midnight!

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    • katina hilliard CHARLESTON, SC
      • 4 months ago

      by closing earlier you are forcing more drunk people out on the street in bigger numbers and increasing a desire to binge drink

      I strongly feel this will cause even more drunk drivers and more unnecessary fatalities.

    • William East ATLANTA, GA
      • 4 months ago

      part of the reason most kids go to school here and why tourists visit

    • Jeanie Edwards LITTLE RIVER, SC
      • 4 months ago

      Closing the eating & drinking establishments will not stop anyone from drinking. It will only hurt the economy of Charleston, the businesses and all others involved.

    • Anna Schoettle NEW YORK, NY
      • 4 months ago

      Even those who passed the law regret it

    • Ashley Stone CHARLESTON, SC
      • 4 months ago

      The issue is that we need more police presence on king st when the bars close, not close early to avoid having to putting more than 10 officers on patrol.


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