A ban horse-drawn carriages
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Mayor of the City of Cordoba (Argentina)
Ramon Javier Mestre

A ban horse-drawn carriages

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      CORDOBA, Argentina


(English) In the city of Cordoba and in several cities in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, Rosario and north of the country) there are horse-drawn carriages, they perform the pruning collection service, debris, masonry, rubbish , etc. should be conducted with municipal trucks. In making this activity the carriages then dump the burden on big fields generating waste dumps.
Many horses are born in conditions of malnutrition and remain so throughout his life and often start to be used from before reaching the age of two. Moreover, during his life, the animal does not have any health care because the vast majority of veterinarians who are in town serving dogs and cats only. The task that these horses are subjected to long hours amount ranging from dawn to dusk.
Meanwhile the drivers of the carriages carry whips, constituting this object into a weapon of risk not only for the horse but for the rest of the people. Many times the driver is driving a smaller carriage in the middle of the main avenues. The carriages have no lights or identification or numbers. Many of these people drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs, so it is that often become aggressive with other animals and against persons. In lot of cases are also victims of abuse such as overloading, burns, lacerations, internal injuries, lashes with various elements strokes, infections and other diseases never treated, starvation, thirst, abandonment and abuse in all its forms.
So far the State has not taken action on the matter and we ask that in Argentina there are recycling policies so that no rubbish in the streets or horses that pull carriages. We believe that change is possible so we propose replacing the horse-drawn carriages by any other type vehicle mechanical and non-living, we know that is the only way to end cruelty to these horses are being subjected daily. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq3Ecu4KU9s&context=C48f7c5bADvjVQa1PpcFO899X47xDP_kjBScYPCC4BtaFkSKU1a50=

(Spanish) En la ciudad de Cordoba así como en varias ciudades argentinas (Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Santa Fe, Rosario y al norte del pais) existen carros tirados por caballos; éstos realizan el servicio de recolección de poda, escombros, mampostería, basura, etc. que debería ser realizado con camiones municipales. Al prestar este servicio domiciliario los carros depositan luego la carga en grandes terrenos generando basurales a cielo abierto.
Muchos caballos nacen en condiciones de desnutrición que mantienen a lo largo de su vida y comienzan muchas veces a ser utilizados desde antes de alcanzar los dos años de edad. Además, durante su vida, el animal no cuenta con atención sanitaria de ningún tipo dado que la gran mayoría de las veterinarias que existen en la ciudad prestan servicio a perros y gatos unicamente. La tarea a la que son sometidos estos caballos equivalen a extensas jornadas que van desde el amanecer hasta el anochecer.
Por su parte los conductores de los carros llevan látigos, constituyendose este objeto en un arma de riesgo no sólo para el caballo sino para el resto de las personas. Muchas veces el conductor es un menor que conduce el carro en medio de avenidas principales. Los carros no poseen identificación alguna ni luces ni numeros. Muchas de estas personas conducen en estado de ebriedad o bajo el efecto de estupefacientes; por ello es que suelen tornarse agresivos con el animal y contra otras personas.En muchos casos tambien son victimas de abusos como sobrecarga, quemaduras, laceraciones, heridas internas, latigazos, azotes con diversos elementos, infecciones y otras enfermedades nunca atendidas, inanición, sed, abandono y maltrato en todas sus formas.
Hasta el momento el Estado no ha tomado cartas en el asunto por lo que pedimos que en Argentina existan politicas de reciclado para que no exista basura en las calles ni caballos que tiren carros. Creemos que es posible un cambio por lo que proponemos se sustituya el carro tirado por caballos por cualquier otro vehiculo de tipo mecanico y no viviente; sabemos que es la unica forma de terminar con la crueldad a la que estos caballos estan siendo sometidos a diario. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq3Ecu4KU9s&context=C48f7c5bADvjVQa1PpcFO899X47xDP_kjBScYPCC4BtaFkSKU1a50=

Ramon Javier Mestre, Mayor of the City of Cordoba (Argentina)
Ramon Javier Mestre

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    2. HORSES: A documentary film by Juliana Rodriguez

      Petition Organizer

      HORSES is a feature film about the abuse that draft horses suffer in our country.
      There has been too much talk about the “cartoneros” but never about their work partners: the horses.
      A draft horse dies each day in each city of Argentina and still this is not part of the agendas of the rulers. Invisible, they are the last link of a corrupt social chain whose roots can be found in a demagogic policy.
      A serious and nationwide issue that exceeds animal abuse and speaks about another Argentina. The one which we don’t want to see.
      Source: http://www.horseseldocumental.blogspot.com


      Animación para Empresa de Servicios Tecnológicos

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      If you want to contribute to this cause even more can do so by sending your opinion to the directly responsible for this situation in the following link. Horses and we are so grateful! (Si quieres contribuir aún más con ésta causa puedes hacerlo enviando tu opinión al responsable directo de ésta situación en el siguiente enlace. Los caballos y nosotros te lo agradecemos!)

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      After both manage to remove the horse drawn carts, we have the sad news that there is a tentative agreement between the municipality of the city of Cordoba and who drive these carts to give them a subsidy. So now every citizen will keep people exploiting horses to drop dead in the streets. Anyway we will continue petitioning until the horses leave the streets. If you want to contribute to this cause can do so by sending a letter to pointing it directly responsible as follows:
      To: Mayor of the city of Cordoba (Argentina) Javier Ramón Mestre
      Address: Marcelo T. de Alvear 120 - Centro - CP X5000KGQ

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    • yvonne van Rosmalen RIJNSATERWOUDE, NETHERLANDS
      • 9 months ago

      snik snik. stop hier mee. een paard hoef dat niet meer te doen. ik smeek het u . stop hier mee .een paard is een edelere. en geen vrachtwagen . dit wat ik hier dus heb gezien . snik is echt dieren mishandeling. ik smeek u help deze dieren en die mens. laat dit stop .a.u.b

    • Bédinier Marie-Jeanne BELLAC, FRANCE
      • 9 months ago

      Maire de la Ville de Cordoba (Argentine) Ramon Javier Mestre : calèches d'interdiction

      • 9 months ago

      Show Humanity to all living, sentient beings and BAN this cruelty NOW!

      • 10 months ago

      Animals deserve to be treated with live and respect they cannot speak up for themselves

    • jacqueline brandao PONT DE METZ, FRANCE
      • 10 months ago

      caballos no son parte del transporte público. El hombre opera banissons este comercio atraso.


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