Save Angel from a lifetime of hell
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Save Angel from a lifetime of hell

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      Australia for Dolphins

Angel is a beautiful albino dolphin calf who once swam freely alongside her mother in the Pacific Ocean off Taiji, Japan. But earlier this year, Angel was captured by dolphin hunters.

As she was dragged away in a net, Angel saw her mother and family being herded into a shallow cove where they were stabbed to death in agony.

Tell local authorities to release Angel from her cruel conditions - and end the inhumane practice of dolphin hunting for good. 

Angel was taken to a local aquarium, the Taiji Whale Museum, where she is now a "freak" exhibit. She's confined in a tiny indoor tank. Eyewitnesses say she floats lifelessly, or swims in distressed circles with her eyes often closed. With her mother dead, Angel has no one to help her except us.

Please ask the Taiji government, which owns the Whale Museum, to release Angel into a shaded sea pen. The Whale Museum already has sea pens in a next-door natural lagoon so this is a feasible option. It will vastly improve Angel's quality of life while options for her full release into the wild are explored.

With enough signatures, we will personally deliver the petition to the Mayor of Taiji in mid-May.

We can't ever reunite Angel with her mother, but we can free her from her life of hell in a tiny tank. Please help us help her.

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    • Jill Redwood ORBOST, AUSTRALIA
      • about 8 hours ago

      One small moment of visual pleasure for a human, one entire lifetime of hell for the dolphin.

    • Natalia Elina WEST PALM BEACH, FL
      • 5 days ago

      I am disgusted by this practice, that for some reason counts as tradition. I think nation as developed and enlightened as Japanese should rethink of keeping "traditions" as cruel and unnecessary as this one.

    • Cecilia Santos SOROCABA, BRAZIL
      • 5 days ago

      vamos socorrer esses anjos do mar , pois eles precisam de ajuda urgente.......

    • Marieta Martins PORTUGAL
      • 5 days ago

      Ajudar quem precisa é o bem mais precioso... nossos animais precisão de nós!!! ASSINE POR FAVOR. Obgd

    • carol kelly YONKERS,NY10705, NY
      • 5 days ago

      we have moral responsible to take care of Gods creators-THiS Is Blood Lust For Profit.


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