Include a Constituent Element in Your Review of City Department Heads
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Include a Constituent Element in Your Review of City Department Heads

    1. Bryan Cain
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      Bryan Cain

      Toluca Lake, CA

Mayor Garcetti,

We, the citizens of Los Angeles, and probably random internet users, in a time of much government secrecy, hereby petition you to include a small constituent element in your review of City Department Heads. Where Los Angeles is already a beacon of culture that touches every corner of the Earth, let us also stand as a shining example and advocate of government transparency.

A constituent element could be a Google Hangout with constituent interviewers, or an Ask Me Anything on It could be an open phone line, where people submit questions and then each Department Head does a short video answering the questions. These are a few of a number of relatively simple, fast, and inexpensive ways to make this happen. We believe leading the charge for transparency, and connecting citizens with their leaders, would pay dividends for Los Angeles down the road.

We realize this is short notice, and your interviews are scheduled for Monday, but we nevertheless wanted to bring this request to your attention, in hope that we might work something out.

Thank you for your work thus far, and good luck in your new office!

- We the Undersigned

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    • Debora Masterson NORTH HILLS, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      the DWP has too much power (no pun intended).

    • Matt Campbell BURBANK, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      Getting involved with Local Government is of vital importance if we plan on fixing the issues of the Federal Government one day. This is a way to help generate interest and action in local politics with a new generation of voters.

    • Bryan Cain TOLUCA LAKE, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I am proud of Mayor Garcetti already, and I think this move would be good for PR, and set a good example for our leaders in Washington D.C.


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