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Mayor M. Cornett, OCPD Chief B. Citty, Sheriff J. Whetsel, OKC Thunder

Keep Thunder Alley open during Thunder Basketball Games

    1. Heather Kite
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      Heather Kite

      Edmond, OK

The Oklahoma City Thunder is the ONLY NBA team to receive this show of support from the community. The shooting that took place around 11:30pm on May 21st did NOT happen in Thunder Alley, but rather approximately a mile east of Thunder Alley. Changes should be made for safety and security, including gating the area, using a metal detector, and checking bags and ice chests. A two dollar charge at the gate for all adults and children over three could be used to pay for security. The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office and Oklahoma City Police Department could provide deputies and officers who could be paid from the gate charge.

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    • Brian Smith OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
      • over 2 years ago

      Thunder Alley is a unique experience and has been paid for with OUR money. The shooting had nothing to do with it and it can be no more dangerous than the fair or opening night.

    • David Herman OKC, OK
      • over 2 years ago

      THUNDER UP! Don't create something if you're not willing to let the entire community to get involved with. Let us have our time and enjoy this, you all need to be thankful that there's this kind of support. Other citys are begging for this and you're turning it away...wake up and THUNDER UP!

    • Carla Colwell MCLOUD, OK
      • over 2 years ago

      Because it is wrong to punish thousands for the actions of 1 individual. Add more police security cameras anything. This isnt fair to Thunder fans that want to support their OKC THUNDER.

    • zaina ghabra OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
      • over 2 years ago

      Because one bad incident took place doesn't give a reason to shut it all down. I can think of so many places or areas that have had similar situations but they're still up and going. You can make changes to Thunder alley, like increasing security the way its been the past week, but to cancel it all is extreme. One persons bad decisions shouldn't take this away from everyone else.

    • Eric Martin NY, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      As a native Oklahoma, I really enjoy seeing Thunder Ally on TV. It is a beautiful thing, that really made OKC stand out. It is a sense of community that you do not see everywhere. It shows that Oklahomans really care and gather to support our team. I understand the need for safety, but closing Thunder Ally because of an incident not related to Thunder Ally is crazy. It is like outlawing fishing because somebody shot a bear in the woods.


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