Mayor Garcetti, LA City Council, Recreation and Parks: Don't Re-envision Pershing Square: Restore Pershing Square!
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Mayor Garcetti, LA City Council, Recreation and Parks: Don't Re-envision Pershing Square: Restore Pershing Square!

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      LAVA - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association

For nearly 150 years, Pershing Square has been the public square in the center of Los Angeles, at the heart of the city's social, cultural and political life. But a series of insensitive redesigns, beginning in the 1950s, has resulted in a confused and ugly park that is a blot on the redeveloping Downtown.

We the undersigned applaud the formation of The Re-envisioning Pershing Square Task Force and the civic drive to fix Pershing Square. But Pershing Square doesn't need another redesign. It needs to be restored to the classic, beautiful design that was torn up in 1951 to build the parking lot and bomb shelter: with a central fountain, sculptures placed in their historic locations, diagonal paths, shade trees, benches and street-level views and pedestrian access.

Don't Re-envision Pershing Square: Restore Pershing Square!


For more info, please visit our blog.

Mitchell Englander, Councilman
Bernard Parks, Councilman
Jose Huizar, Councilman
Paul Krekorian, Councilman
Herb J. Wesson, Jr., Councilman
Paul Koretz, Councilman
Eric Garcetti, Mayor
Gilbert Cedillo, Councilman
Bob Blumenfield, Councilman
Tom LaBonge, Councilman
Nury Martinez, Councilwoman
Felipe Fuentes, Councilman
Curren D. Price, Jr., Councilman
Mike Bonin, Councilman
Mitch O'Farrell, Councilman
Joe Buscaino, Councilman
The Department of Recreation and Parks
Don't Re-envision Pershing Square: Restore Pershing Square!

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    1. Group formed to "Re-Envision Pershing Square" now seeks to restore it

      Dear Friend of Pershing Square,

      Thank you for signing the petition supporting the restoration of the historic 1910 John Parkinson design for L.A.'s oldest downtown park.

      When we launched this petition, it was in response to a civic proposal to "re-envision" the park with yet another new design--the fourth since the beloved Parkinson plan was bulldozed to put in underground parking in 1951. While we support the notion of changing Pershing Square for the better, we don't believe that another all-new vision is necessary. The fine original designs deserve another chance to shine.

      There hasn't been any news about the proposed "re-envisioning" of the park since November, when three community meetings were held by the Pershing Square Task Force. In April, architect John Parkinson was honored with the official dedication of a Square in his name, at the corner of Spring and Fifth Streets.

      Earlier today, the Pershing Square Task Force re-branded itself as Pershing SquaReNew -- "a non-profit dedicated to supporting and facilitating the park's revitalization--along with a number of efforts that will not only restore Pershing Square, but place Los Angeles on the map of inspiring, world-class public spaces."

      Yes, you read it here first: the Pershing Square Task Force, formed to "Re-Envision Pershing Square," has changed its name and re-dedicated itself to the very different task of "Restoring" the park!

      We will reserve judgement until we hear more about what this new non-profit has planned, in a presentation at Pershing Square on Wednesday, September 17 at 9am. But we can't help but think that each one of your signatures on this petition, your passionate social media comments, your belief in the possibility and necessity of a restored Pershing Square has all helped change the dialogue around this great park's future. Thank you and congratulations! 

      Please join us at Pershing Square next Wednesday morning to hear the announcement of how Pershing SquaReNew proposes to restore the park. Following the announcement, we invite you to join us and John Parkinson's biographer Stephen Gee for a free walking tour of nearby Parkinson buildings.

      Here are links with all the details:

      For more information about the historic park, the petition and what comes next, please visit:

      And finally, we'd like to invite you to join LAVA - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association, a loose knit group of people with a passion for L.A. history, art and culture. We host a slew of cultural programs, including award-winning literary Salons, forensic science seminars, Skid Row history walks, Broadway walking tours and many more events which we think you'll enjoy.

      Check out the calendar, or sign up for the newsletter, at

Kim Cooper & Richard Schave
LAVA - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association

    2. Reached 1,500 signatures
    3. Restoration campaign mentioned on The Bigger Picture, 870-AM

      Architectural historian Stephen Gee talks about John Parkinson, and the Pershing Square park restoration campaign, on The Bigger Picture on 870-AM.

      Stephen's interview starts at

      And the Pershing Square section starts at

    4. Los Angeles Times coverage

      The lead story in the Los Angeles Times Sunday California section on October 5 is all about Pershing Square and this petition, including quotes from some who have signed it. Read the story at:,0,5951177.story

    5. Press clips and celebrity support

      Actress Gillian Jacobs ("Community") has shared her support for the restoration of Pershing Square with her 300,000 twitter followers.

      Petition creators Kim Cooper & Richard Schave gave Steve Chiotakis from KCRW a tour of Pershing Square. Listen at the link:

    6. Reached 1,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Elisabeth Garate CLAREMONT, CA
      • 17 days ago

      I was born and raised in Los Angeles and care very much for preserving its history for posterity.

    • Kat Bouza LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 29 days ago

      The original Pershing Square was a beautiful, lush garden that provided an oasis-like retreat for the many residents and visitors of Downtown LA. Now, it is an ugly concrete jungle, littered with dated and, frankly, very bad public art. Green spaces are scarce and much desired by residents of this city. LA has a bad reputation in terms of preserving and acknowledging its history. Let's change the status quo and honor the legacy of Pershing Square the way it SHOULD be.

    • Kate Eggert WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      One of the first old photos of Los Angeles I saw was of early 1900s Pershing Square...and absolutely loved that in the midst of this great city was this architectural garden, and oasis for the city and its visitors. Please consider the early 1900s design for the redesign!

    • Mike Hynek APPLETON, WI
      • about 1 month ago

      To bring beauty and heritage back to downtown L.A. A small green oasis in the concrete jungle.

    • James Todd LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      It's important that we as citizens and residents of downtown are cognizant of the fact that it is our role and duty, as much as the leaders of our city, to help make this happen. And let's face it, our city is pretty broke right now. I for one would be willing and eager to contribute to a special tax zone that would help accomplish the stated goals of this petition, so that the PUBLIC can be a true partner in the public/private partnership and retain a real say in this area that is so critical to the proper enjoyment of our lives as Dtla-ers.


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