We Demand  Sustainable Jobs for Every San Franciscan
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We Demand Sustainable Jobs for Every San Franciscan

    1. Shamsher Samra
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      Shamsher Samra

      San Francisco, CA

Mayor Ed Lee and San Francisco’s elected officials are currently crafting the annual budget. It is essential that the city create meaningfulemployment  opportunities that allow every unemployed and underemployed San Franciscans to strengthen our city.

In the aftermath of the economic crisis  our elected officials continue to prioritize the wealthy over the working. Unemployment in San Francisco remains at 7.8% with levels of poverty exceeding 50% in some neighborhoods.Despite this millions in tax breaks have been granted to wealthy San Franciscans while funding for subsidized employment, public employment, and social services has been cut. A lack of economic opportunity continues to drive working class families from the city, destabilize neighborhoods and promote violence in our communities.

It is time we demand sustainable and meaningful job opportunities for every unemployed and underemployed San Franciscan. Tell Mayor Edwin Lee that eviction, incarceration, and gentrification are not solutions to the unemployment problem. 

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