Mayor Ed Lee: Say No to Stop Frisk for San Francisco
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Mayor Ed Lee: Say No to Stop Frisk for San Francisco

    1. Theo Ellington
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      Theo Ellington

      San Francisco, CA

August 2012


After more than 2,000 people from the San Francisco Bay Area signed a petition started by Theo Ellington, a San Francisco resident and President of The Black Young Democrats of San Francisco, Mayor Ed lee abandoned plans to adopt a controversial "stop & frisk" policy like the one used by the NYPD in New York. Theo and his supporters rallied against the move outside San Francisco's City Hall and delivered his petition signatures to the Mayor's office. He also gained the support of a majority of San Francisco supervisors who passed a resolution opposing the policy.

Recently, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee announced that he is considering adopting a stop-and-frisk policy for the City and County of San Francisco.  This policy would give police officers the legal right to stop and frisk any individual they deem suspicious - similar to infamous policy used by the NYPD. Furthermore, this could give officers the right to detain any individual and perform a search.

Simply put, this initiative would directly affect young minorities of color, legitimize and legalize racial discrimination and profiling, and set a precedent that damages our constitution. The Fourth Amendment protects us against unreasonable search and seizures - however, this policy allows the disregard of “probable cause." Many of us who are San Francisco natives grew up in the Bayview and Western Addition communities of San Francisco, and we know this policy would have a negative impact on our community and do little to stop violence.

Even San Francisco Police Chief  Greg Suhr, disagrees with the city adopting a stop-and-frisk policy, saying: "We do not racially profile in San Francisco. And we never will."  

Will you join other around San Francisco and the rest of the United States by Standing for Civil Rights? 

Collectively our voices will be heard - join us today! We say “NO” to “Stop-and-Frisk” in San Francisco.

Theo Ellington, Black Young Dems of San Francisco

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    1. Activist Van Jones in SF 11/29

      Theo Ellington
      Petition Organizer

      I wanted to thank you all for your support! Our collective efforts here ultimately put a halt to this policing practice.

      In any case, for these efforts we are inviting each of you to take part in our Leadership Breakfast with Activist Van Jones. Join us for a post election discussion on "Continuing to Rebuild The Dream"

      Thanks to a generous sponsor, you call can take advantage of the member rate on our site!!

      Grab your ticket here:

      Happy to answer any questions,
      Theo Ellington
      President, BYDSF

      Continuing to Rebuild The Dream w/ Van Jones | Black Young Democrats of San Francisco

      It is with great pleasure that we invite you to take part in a post-election breakfast discussion with headline speaker Van Jones on Continuing to Rebuild the Dream. Van Jones is a political activist, green economy pioneer, former Advisor to President Obama, and recent author of the NY Times Best Seller Rebuild the Dream.

    2. Join us for the Rally this TUESDAY

      Theo Ellington
      Petition Organizer

      Together we can!
      Lets show up and let our voices be heard.


      415-968-9390 for more info

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    • Kollin Holtz SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      This is reprehensible. Regarding Ed Lee's comment on the Aurora shooting, a law like stop and frisk in San Francisco cannot be justified by a shooting in Denver, CO. A single, freak incident does not set a precedent for all movies forever in the future. This is a suspension of everyones basic rights. A police state is not a place I want to live in.

    • Joseph Rubin SF, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      All you have to do is look at the results of "stop and frisk" in New York to know how the policy is racist and harmful to all. The number of African American and Latino youth that have been stopped and frisked over 3 years time is actually greater than the number of African American and Latino youth that live in the city. That means that many people are stopped and frisked numerous times - whereas white people are often unaware that there is a problem - it doesn't directly affect them. We can't mistrust and mistreat our youth that way in SF.

    • byron gafford SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      If they can get away with murder what else can they get away with while they are stopping anybody that look suspicious to them that could be anybody that they just feel the need to want to stop and search for their personal reason .

    • ttf cam SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Professor Michelle Alexander, author of the New Jim Crow, cites studies that show black violence remains similar to other groups when controlled by employment. In addition, Connie Rice also cited the correlation between jobs and violence reduction; jobs reduce violence. Hey, Mayor, exchange 50 weapons for 100 jobs the same way you housed 50 veterans in 100 days! A spike is not a trend!

    • Tara Rose NEW YORK, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      As a NYer who has seen the ineffectiveness of and the violation of civil liberties (and basic human dignity) that is caused by stop and frisk programs, I cannot, as an American, stay silent while fellow progressive US cities implement this racist and violent program. Mayor Lee, you are an intelligent, competent public official. Surely you will not sacrifice civil liberties for political talking points. This will do nothing to curb gun violence. Look towards national and international studies and data on the matter to find a new and revolutionary, not regressive, way to curb gun violence. And you can start with something unpopular, but effective: stricter gun laws. Be innovative. Be responsible. Do your job and protect, not harass, the good people of San Francisco.


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