Continue Funding Culture in the “City of Cowboys and Culture”
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Continue Funding Culture in the “City of Cowboys and Culture”

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      The Arts Council of Fort Worth

The Fort Worth city manager has presented a 2012-13 budget that will cut funding for the arts by a whopping 25 percent. If approved by the City Council, this latest reduction would slash grants to more than three dozen organizations that offer arts programs by nearly 45 percent over five years.

Why does funding for the arts matter?

What can you do to make sure Fort Worth continues to support the arts … supports you, your neighborhood and your city?

Funding for the arts is a low-risk, high-return investment that affects every City Council district.

In 2011, more than 2.6 million people were touched by Arts Council grants to more than 40 different organizations. Grant recipients can be found in every City Council district, and supported projects have included free neighborhood concerts and events, public art projects, in-school and after-school programs and more.

Funding for the arts is an economic stimulus.

The arts provide nearly $85 million in economic vitality to Fort Worth, support more than 3,000 full-time-equivalent jobs, and generate $11.2 million in local and state government revenue.

Funding for the arts improves student education and keeps children safe.

Programs funded through the Arts Council in 2012 have reached more than 300,000 young people through after-school programs, many of which follow TAKS and TEKS guidelines.

Funding for the arts keeps Fort Worth competitive among Texas cities and is already at a distressingly low level.

We may call ourselves the city of cowboys and culture, but Fort Worth already spends less per resident on the arts than every major city in Texas except Garland. In the current fiscal year, Fort Worth will spend less than one-third of what Dallas spends per resident on the arts and less than one-sixth of what San Antonio spends.

You need to act.

Time is short to let the mayor and your City Council member know that you support the arts, that you want funding for the arts to continue and that you vote pro-art.

The City Council will consider the budget again at its Sept. 11 and Sept. 18 meetings. It is scheduled to vote on the 2012-13 budget on Sept. 18.

To make a difference and protect the arts in Fort Worth:

Send an email or a letter to Mayor Betsy Price and your City Council member immediately to state your support for the arts and that you vote pro-art.

Attend the Sept. 11 City Council meeting and identify yourself as being there to support funding for the arts in Fort Worth.

Act now. Keep culture in the city of cowboys and culture.

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    • Deborah Davis FLOWER MOUND, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      As a resident of Flower Mound, we are equal distance from Dallas and Ft. Worth. We love going to Ft. Worth and we bring out of town guests as well. We have supported many of the arts ventues in Ft. Worth.

    • Jamie Kiliany NEW YORK, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      The arts shaped my life. Without Kids Who Care Musical Theatre, I would not have had the courage to attend a performing arts high school, would not have known the joys of being a leader in my community, and would never have thought I would go to NYU. Without the arts, I don't know what I would be.

    • Anitra Blayton FORT WORTH, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      1. Artists are tax payers too. Funding the arts provides cultural and educational enrichment. What other group of individuals (professionals) can do that?

    • Sarah Clark FLOWER MOUND, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      I love taking part in the art in Ft. Worth. I find I much prefer the events and exhibits in Ft. Worth to those in Dallas.

    • Jessica Sunderland FORT WORTH, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      Love the arts


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