Mayor and Council, Town of Ladysmith: Please work with the Board of Education to keep Davis Road School open
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Mayor and Council, Town of Ladysmith: Please work with the Board of Education to keep Davis Road School open

    1. Graeme Rouse
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      Graeme Rouse

      Ladysmith, BC, Canada

For the future of students and families and for the well-being of our community, the time is now to let the Ladysmith Mayor and Council know that we need Davis Road Elementary to remain open.

The Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District has a proposed plan to shut down several schools including Davis Road Elementary. The proposed closure of Davis Road is being evaluated by a working group that includes the Mayor of Ladysmith.

Davis Road Elementary is Quality Education

Davis Road school is a very popular K-7 school and loved by families, many of whom volunteer to help support the school. The school's French Immersion program is growing and some classes have wait lists. The school's community involvement is well-known and many students apply from outside of catchment. It doesn't make sense to close a school that works so well and has so much support from the students and parents. 

Many parents choose Davis Road for their children for the unique community it offers and many would not hesitate to seek out the best alternative education in the case of the school's closure. With neighbouring SD 79's already established schools with solid reputations, a closure would put Ladysmith and School District 68 at risk of losing current students and future enrolment. Ladysmith needs its students to create community, and it needs community to retain its students.  

Davis Road School is a Community Asset

Ladysmith's Sustainability Vision that supports schools in neighbourhoods within walking or biking distance is part of the draw for residents and families who move here for the small town feel of the area. 

Davis Road School anchors a population that is serviced by south end businesses. These businesses depend on a thriving south end. The presence of a neighbourhood school is a key factor for people who chose to live and buy property in south Ladysmith. Real estate values in the area are dependent on Davis Road and its popularity to draw young families. We need to ensure this value is retained in our community and that the south end of Ladysmith continues to grow.

Davis Road School is the only community space in the south end of town providing a soccer field and playground, space for public meetings, and area for families to recreate after school. It is also able to house local clubs, classes and volunteer activities and community members can affordably rent space for private functions.

The south end of Ladysmith's population is growing and as it does we need this school to grow as well and fulfill an even greater potential as a community resource. 

Stop the attrition of students from Ladysmith and work to keep and foster Davis Road Elementary as a positive educational model and as the heart of Ladysmith's south end community.

Please show your support for keeping Davis Road School open by signing the petition below.

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    • Leanne Szasz Beaven POWELL RIVER, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      Davis Road's residents continue to grow.It's safe neighbourhood. Grounds are constantly used. Davis Rd.will lose what makes it a desirable place to live!!

    • Sabrina Fox LADYSMITH, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      Saving Davis Road is saving a Community School that unites the community together in ways that are not measurable and cannot be recreated outside of the community.

    • Deborah Johnston VICTORIA, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      This is a thriving community school and green space where families work together to support the school and support green initiatives of walking and playing in the community. Where is your community support going to come from if you do not have the children growing up in the community...and building our Canadian spirit as well with the continuation of the French Immersion Program. We need these kinds of schools to build our community spirit and future involvement in keeping these smaller communities alive

    • Jamie Hubick VICTORIA BC, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      My nieces are two of the many happy, well-adjusted and well-educated students at this successful school. Why close it?

    • Natasha Rankin LADYSMITH, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      This is my children's school. It is a wonderful little school where they feel safe. The teachers are incredible and caring. You feel as if everyone has your child's interest at heart.


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