Maximum Charges Against Matthew Weatherspoon for Stabbing Puppy in the Face 5 Times!
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Maximum Charges Against Matthew Weatherspoon for Stabbing Puppy in the Face 5 Times!

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      Chicago, IL

Matthew Davonn Weatherspoon, 19, has been arrested for stabbing his 5-month old bulldog puppy, Diamond, in the face 5 times because she nipped him.

We, the undersigned, urge that Matthew Davonn Weatherspoon be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for stabbing his 5-month old bulldog puppy, Diamond, in the face 5 times. Davonn said he became angry because the puppy nipped him.

Weatherspoon, who had no visible bite marks, then threw the puppy outside because she was bleeding in the apartment. The puppy was found wandering near the building and was immediately taken to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital where she underwent surgery and is now recovering.

Contact the Denver DA and let him know that you want Matthew Weatherspoon prosecuted to the fullest extent! 

 Mitchell R. Morrissey, Denver District Attorney 720-913-9000


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    2. Activists Demand Justice for Violent Attack on Puppy

      Stephanie Feldstein
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      A five-month old American bulldog, described by veterinarians as an "absolute doll, very sweet and [gives] kisses," apparently posed such a frightening threat to her owner that he felt the need to stab her repeatedly in the face.
      The puppy's name is...

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    • Sandra Conti FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
      • 5 months ago

      I hope this bastard gets stabs over and over again so he can feel what he did to this innocent puppy. I hope he stays in jail forever and hopefully he will find a nice big husband in there that will give him the 'big' every day...

    • Gail Formosa PHILADEDLPHIA, PA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Let us put a stop to this once and for all

    • carol Ⓥ crunkhorn AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND
      • almost 3 years ago

      This would not be the first (nor will it likely be the last) time this individual has used violence against animals; how many other defenceless victims has Weatherspoon tortured and/or killed and how many more innocents will fall victim to his cruelty in the future? It is disturbing that we still fail to adequately address the sometimes horrendous abuse of animals by individuals such as Weatherspoon; he is a bully and a danger to society. Please prosecute Matthew Weatherspoon to the fullest extent of the law and send a clear message to other abusers that we, the public, will not tolerate such cruelty in our society.

    • Brie Ledesma LEAGUE CITY, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      When it comes to having a central nervous system, and the ability to feel pain, hunger, and thirst, a Rat is a Pig is a DOG is a BOY. Ingrid Newkirk

    • Nicole Bellizzi OVERLAND PARK, KS
      • almost 3 years ago

      We need to be the voices for animals and crimes against them should be handled the same way as if it were against a human.


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