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Leave the Swamp that is DC and Hasten Your Move to NYC
  • Petitioned Matt Slutsky

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Matt Slutsky

Leave the Swamp that is DC and Hasten Your Move to NYC

    1. Benjamin Joffe-Walt
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      Benjamin Joffe-Walt

      New York, NY


Let's face it: DC is an ecological and cultural swamp that doesn't even compare to the joy that is NYC. Matt and Patty have been there way too long and it's high time for a Change.

But now the radical left is launching a selfish, politically-motivated campaign to keep the Slutsky family in DC. We can't let that happen.

Stand up for what's right, and join the Slutsky NYC movement!

Signing this also means you agree that BJW smells bad.

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    • Weldon Kennedy LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • over 2 years ago

      New York does seem like the better choice in the scheme of things


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