Don't approve the construction of a second power plant in Brandywine, MD.
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Don't approve the construction of a second power plant in Brandywine, MD.

    1. Leslie Bradley
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      Leslie Bradley

      Brandywine, MD

Brandywine, MD is already the site of a gas-driven power plant. Operating since 1996, the Panda Brandywine power plant located at Rt. 301 and Cedarville Road uses waste water from a treatment plant as its water source. However, despite the presence of an existing power plant, a second plant is being proposed to be constructed in Brandywine! The proposed site at 17000 North Keyes Road in Brandywine is not served by public water nor sewer. The site is currently used for coal combustion waste disposal. The operators of the disposal site have been sued by the state of Maryland and others for violation of state and federal water pollution laws that has caused contamination of nearby Mataponi Creek. As residents of the area, we are concerned that further degradation of nearby water resources is possible if a new power plant is built. In addition to the current lack of sufficient water and sewer infrastructure, the local narrow, rural roads may be insufficient to support such a facility. The site is zoned Open Space, and it is located in the Rural Tier of Prince George's County. The location and operation of a large, industrial power plant in the Rural Tier is not compatible with land use definitions, as defined in the county Master Plan. Finally, the citizens of Brandywine may already be exposed to formaldehyde, benzene, ethyl benzene, acetaldehyde, propylene oxide, toluene, xylenes, among other pollutants due to their proximity to the existing plant. We are concerned that we could possibly be exposed to an increased amount of toxins if a second plant in located in Brandywine.

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    • Peter Butrite UPPER MARLBORO, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      Unnecessary industrial site being foisted on lightly populated area slated for rural preservation by the county. Will require many concessions on taxes, wastewater management, etc. Totally inappropriate project for this area. The customary questionable machinations preceeded the proposal's submission - this is PG county, where our former County Executive, J. Johnson, is now serving his sentence in a Federal Penetentiary for taking "pay to play" bribes from developers, both commercial and residential. Little has changed in land use management since then and this proposal was being developed during Johnson's tenure. The residents of the Rural Tier are always the first to be asked to make concessions to commercial interests. The interest of the residents of the county needs to be our concern here.

    • Joanne Flynn BRANDYWINE, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      Building more power plants will create a further dependence on the gas and oil energy industry, this will not lead us in a sustainable direction. We need to promote conservation in everything we do and move towards solar and wind for our energy needs. In addition to the immediate and long term effects on our community as mentioned in the petition, climate change is upon us, we would like to be part of the solution and not the problems.

      • over 2 years ago

      Environmental concerns to our health and negative impact to property values that are already down by 43%!!!!!! STOP THIS NOW!!!!!


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