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Cancel Ultimate Spider-man Cartoon

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      Peter Parker

Growing up on Marvel shows the like 90's X-men and Spider-man, and being a huge Marvel comics fan, i was very disappointed to know that Spectacular spider-man was ending after its second season, with a new show replacing it, called Ultimate Spider-man. Nevertheless i was happy that a new Spider-man show will start even though it was a t cost of Marvel's best spidey incarnation.

Few months later we heaad the good news that Ultimate Spider-man cartoon has big comic names attached to it, Paul Dini, Jeph Loeb, Brian Michael Bendis, whom have all created some of the best comics and animation episodes.

Fast forward to April 1st: The debut of Ultimate spider-man. The show is just a slap to the face of Spider-man fans. While the animation is good, the show is horrible, juvenile, and is not spider-man. Many are the flaws of this show, and for the sake of space i will only name a few:

- The writing is horrible, incoherent and juvenille
- The show feels like "spider-man and his amazing friends 2" and while that show kind of worked back in 1981, the 80's are over more than 20 years ago, and there is a reason the next spider-man was more mature.
- The 4th wall breaking jokes are unfunny, unnecessary, distracting, and are not a characteristic of Spider-man.
- spider-man has a motocycle, known as the spider cycle: ...... WTF!!!!
- Peter Parker is almost nonexistent. Where is Parker's money problem, where is responsibility?
- Spider-man acts like a menace and for the first time i agree with J Jonah Jameson on this one.
- 8 episodes in, and the only Spidey villain the webhead faced was venom....TWICE
- Unnecessary changes to character lore: Why the hell is Mary Jane a "Lois Lane" character? Why is spidey accepting to be a SHIELD dog and be part of a teenage team?
- Teen Luke Cage, Teen Nova, Teen Iron fist: Need i say more ?

Ultimate spider-man is by far the most horrible Marvel show that the company has produced, and is a disgrace and a slap to the face of Spider-man fans. While i was hoping that the show might get fixed, i see that impossible. As after only 8 episodes too many mistakes have made it impossible for this show to be fixed, and more episodes will make it even worse.

So in the name of all Spider-man fans, who loved and supported Spider-man and Marvel, we demand a cancellation of this horrible show, and replacing it with a show in line with, the amazing, prematurely killed "Spectacular Spider-man".

Thank you

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      • about 2 years ago

      I am educator who teaches the first grade, and everyone in my school knows I am an avid comic book fan.

      Students constantly come up to me to throw random questions or hear an "expert opinion" on who will win in a fight.

      During the three year hiatus after the last season of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" one of the most common questions I received was, "Mr. Pang, when will Spectacular Spider-Man come back."

      I felt like Peter Parker consoling his kid neighbor Henry Jackson in "Spider-Man 2." who looked forward to seeing Spider-Man returning. However we never got a happy ending.

      This year kids come up to me in the cafeteria, hallways, yard, and class just to rant about how much they hate "Ultimate Spider-Man."

    • Andres Gonzalez Vega MEAQUITE, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      In The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series, Marvel had something beautiful. Gorgeous animation, well-written stories one could be absorbed into and, arguably, one of the best incarnations of Peter Parker we've ever been given. Unlike most cartoons which lost their spark after one season, SSM Kept it burning, and an amazing third season was assuredly possible.

      When I saw the first teasers for Ultimate Spider-Man, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. They all looked terrible, and I had little faith in the show. But, being a raging fan of the character, I decided to give it a shot.

      I will never second guess myself again.

      I hope you realize that putting out garbage like this is not only a slap in the face to people who grow up with quality Spider-Man programs, but a huge "Eff You" to future fans of the webhead.

      I was elated to see many others who hate this show/want it off the air/want Spectacular Spider-Man to make a triumphant return. Even if the latter is impossible, I sincerely hope to put an end to something that is more hazardous to Peter Parker's life than even the combined forces of his entire rogue's gallery. And, while I feel the petition is at times poorly written, I stand behind it with both feet planted firmly in the ground.

      Thank You.

    • Jesus Coyotl RIVERSIDE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      When The Spectacular Spider-Man was on i freaking LOVED it! it was my favorite Spider-Man animated Series of all time. When it was cancelled i literally cried. Maybe it was because i was eleven. But when they announced the ultimate spider-man animated series i thought it would be cool considering i loved the comics, but i was terribly wrong. I was highly dissapointed by The Ultimate Spider-Man. Its pretty much a lamer version of Spider-Man And His Amazing friends which i did't like either. I constantly watch episodes of The Spectacular Spiderman and wish it would come back. I also wish they cancel ultimate spiderman. i hope they do and i hope they bring back the greatest spider-man animated series ever. The Spectacular Spider-Man

    • Ken Sloan CHICAGO, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      The show isn't about spider-man. Almost all of the aspects of the show don't even come close to any version of spider-man before. It insults the intelligence of children and encourages a poor, cheap shot sense if humor. The show also portrays spider-man as a character who I've grown up with as an obnoxious unhelpful know it all, with ADHD. The show has way too many cross overs and doesn't even focus on spider-man. I wouldn't even call it spider-man and his amazing friends. It's just "amazing friends". Its like the plan of this show was to just see how many things they could mess up and how badly they could mess those thing up just to get kids attention at spider-manfor commercialized reasons instead of having a show like SSP that anyone from practically any age or gender can enjoy.

    • Anthony Diaz LOS ANGELES, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      just so horrible, you went from giveing us shows with moral lessons and still good jokes but now its like you guys are tossing shit out expecting your fans to like it, remember you have adult and teenager fans too, not just kids, and we were kids when we saw the 90s xmen and spiderman there was so much in those shows you thing these new kids dont deserve it whats wrong with that you raised us with great shows that many follow the morals that were displayed.


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