Stop the taking of parkland for the construction of municipal buildings.

Stop the taking of parkland for the construction of municipal buildings.

    1. Petition by

      Ward Park Neighborhood Association

City Council ignored our petition and approved the mayors plan to take away our public use park land! We are raising money to challenge this decision in court. Please donate as soon as possible! Click here


A Petition to Save Ward Park

NOTE: Total Number of petition signers is the online number shown above plus 112 hand written signatures obtained door to door.

 This petition asks the Mayor and City Council of Marlborough, Massachusetts to reverse their decision to locate the proposed Senior Center in historic Ward Park.  We, the undersigned, believe that the proposed Ward Park site is too small for the planned 22,000 sq ft building and parking spaces, did not undergo a rigorous evaluation process, destroys existing use of the area for ice skating, baseball, pickup cricket and softball, organized youth sports, dog walking and exercising, threatens use of the entire park for other youth activities, reduces the inventory for much needed park space, makes void the recently developed (fall 2011) Master Plan for revitalizing the park, forces a second displacement of the historic Artemas Ward Gateway, and reduces the park’s utility for large, community events that have always been part of its heritage.  

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    1. City Council Meeting November 4th

      A vote by Marlborough’s city council on whether or not to take away Ward Park land to construct a 22,600 sq. ft. building for a senior center is expected at its next meeting, Monday, November 4th. This is the vote that was postponed from October 21st because the city was breaking the rules of its own charter by not advertising the bond requests.

      So this time it is true, we have only seven days left to convince as many councilors as possible to vote no! Four of the eleven councilors need to vote "No" in order to save this historic park land for the youth of Marlborough. Some councilors have recently expressed doubt that Ward Park is the right location, so a no vote is quite possible.

      Please, show up to city hall for the meeting on Monday, November 4th at 8:00PM, this is VERY important! Councilors put a lot of stock in who attends. Having a large contingency of supporters in the audience could make the difference.

    2. Reached 750 signatures
    3. Council Considers Ward Park Proposal

      Council considers Ward Park proposal

      Mayor requests $3M for long overdue upgrade Posted October 11, 2013 The City Councils Operations and Oversight Committee met last week to discuss a bond request submitted by Mayor Arthur Vigeant for $3.0M to upgrade Ward Park.

    4. Marlborough Committee Disagrees Over Senior Center

      Marlborough committee disagrees over senior center, park improvements

      Mayor Arthur Vigeant's proposal to spend $9.5 million to build a senior center and spruce up Ward Park got pushback from City Councilors at a occasionally tense Operations and Oversight Committee Thursday night in the first substantive public show of resistance to the plans by councilors.

    5. City Advertises for Contractors

      The City of Marlborough has put out a public request for bids. They are advertising for two contractors; one to build a Senior Center on Ward Park at an estimated cost of six million dollars, and one for demolition of the block house. This is before the Operations and Oversight committee has vetted the proposal and before City Council has even voted whether or not to approve the funding. Their plan is to begin digging up the park in early November. It is important to note that they are NOT advertising for a contractor to make improvements to Ward Park.

      Marlborough's Open Space and Recreation Plan lists Ward Park as protected land, but city and state agencies are leaving it up to residents to fight for it, they offer us no assistance. This construction project will have to be stopped by the courts.

      We have raised over $2,000, but need more to bring this to judgment in the court system.

      Donate at

      Save Ward Park!

      Residents need your help to save historic Ward Park land in Marlborough Ma. Ward Park has been public use park land since 1925, the year it was opened and dedicated "to the youth of Marlborough". But now the city is planning to take a large portion of the parks remaining open field space to construct a 22,000 square foot municipal building.

    6. Brodeur: Putting Marlborough’s Ward Park controversy in context.

      Brodeur: Putting Marlborough's Ward Park controversy in context

      At the summertime forum on the proposed senior center to be placed in historic Artemas Ward Park in Marlborough, Mayor Arthur Vigeant was asked (by me) who had communicated with him from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs giving him tacit permission to take parkland. His said it was Richard Sullivan.

    7. Neighbors looking to pay for Marlborough's Ward Park legal challenge:

      Neighbors looking to pay for Marlborough's Ward Park legal challenge

      Neighbors opposed to Mayor Arthur Vigeant's plan to place a senior center at Ward Park have started a fundraiser to pay for a legal challenge to the proposal. A fundraiser hosted on the gofundme website at had raised just over $900 by Monday afternoon.

    8. Mayor hosts "public forum"


      Come speak out to show there’s a strong and well-informed opposition to building at Ward Park!

      The mayor is hosting a “public forum” about his project – taking away Ward Park land to construct a city building. This forum includes unveiling of conceptual plan and building layout.

      He’s hosting this at the Senior Center, Main Street, Marlborough.

      Wednesday June 26th 5:30pm.

      It’s only the 2nd community forum held on his project in a 7 month period! Who knows when there will be another chance to be heard! The mayor has chosen to host this at 5:30 on a Wednesday, when most are just getting in from work and feeding their families. It is likely a most difficult time for many. Please come to this forum to say NO taking away public park land for a city building!

    9. Senior Center proposal reviewed

      Senior Center proposal reviewed

      Ward Park location has backers and opponents Posted March 21, 2013 The City Councils Operations and Oversight Committee met on March 7th to discuss a proposal being advanced by Mayor Arthur Vigeant to build a senior center on a portion of green space at the northeast section of Ward Park, near Granger Boulevard.

    10. Marlborough Patch Publishes WPNA Letter

      Letter: Ward Park Association Questions Amount of Fields to be Lost

      Editor's Note: The following is a letter written by members of the Ward Park Neighborhood Association. It is addressing the proposal by Mayor Arthur Vigeant to place a new Senior Center at Ward Park.

    11. Only 3% of the Park???

      We have heard that when expressing their opposition to the Mayor or Councilor Elder, residents have been told not to worry, the building will only take away 3% of the park. We would like to address this here. Three percent of the park equals 15% to 20% of the FIELD AREA at Ward Park! The Mayor is narrowing the Senior Center to the exact ‘footprint’ of the proposed building. He ignores any paved or grass areas needed around the building, including access drives and building buffer areas. He does include as being part of the park all unusable hills, all parking areas, the playground and the courts.

      Calculations made by the WPNA show the new Senior Center would occupy or make unusable 15%-20% of the field area at Ward Park. The field areas consist of the area within the quarter mile track and the smaller field with the backstop, which is used by children or smaller groups of adults for pickup games, Youth Cheer leading and winter skating. It is NOT an unused section of the park!

    12. Reached 500 signatures
    13. More Press Coverage of our Petition!

      A second article about our petition has been published. This one is by the Main Street Journal. Hard copies of this newspaper are distributed around the city and included as an insert with the Boston Globe.

    14. Press Coverage of our Petition!

      An article has been published by the MetroWest Daily News about our petition. See the link below. The article includes responses to the petition from city officials. Please visit the MetroWest website, read the article and post your opinion in the the comment section!

      Petition started against Marlborough senior center proposal

      A petition coming out against a proposal to build a senior center at Ward Park had garnered a few hundred signatures by late afternoon Wednesday. The petition, hosted at, is addressed to Mayor Arthur Vigeant, the City Council and Ward 3 Councilor Matt Elder, whose ward includes the park.

    15. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Karen Zenteno MARLBOROUGH, MA
      • 11 months ago

      This park has brought together many important memories that cannot be replace, and if they decied to close it how will new family to the community be able to experience these adventures

    • roger caissie MARLBOROUGH, MA
      • 11 months ago

      We need to our preserve parks, and going in or out of New St. from Granger Blvd. is dangerous enough now and also the increase of traffic from West Main , Orchard , Hayden and Water St. this will impact them as well as those neighborhoods.

      • 12 months ago

      Ward Park is a vital green space and an integral part of Marlboro's history.

    • Elaine Brodeur-Matlock CROSSVILLE, TN
      • 12 months ago

      I grew up on Hayden St and practically lived playing in the park along with my siblings and neighborhood children. Shame on you Marlboro politicians for trying to take this park away from the youth of today. Makes me want to think that "someone's hands are in someone's pockets".

    • Philip Martel SHREWSBURY, MA
      • 12 months ago

      It's a historic site. Let's not lose another one!


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