Save Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
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Save Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

    1. James Newburrie
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      James Newburrie

      Clayton, Australia


Not only is Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries  one of the best shows on television, but it also shows that Australia can make world-class drama. We need to save Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries because it gives hope to the next generation of Australian creative professionals.  

The show has become a cultural touchstone and an educational experience for people my age and younger.  Miss Fisher has taught me about:

  • Period fashions;
  • Pre-suffrage women's rights; and,
  • The underlying tensions in Australian society of the time.

Some people have argued that Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries isn't attracting viewers.  This is clearly mistaken:

  • The show has attained 8/10 on IMDB (unheard of for an ABC drama);
  • The show has an dedicated following on social-media: for instance many Pinterest pages track Miss Fisher's hats (encouraging the next generation of milliners); and,
  • The show has great cross-over appeal: television critics often select the show as 'pick of the night';

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries are critical to the mission of the ABC not merely because it is only show worth watching on Friday night, but because it may be the only show on Australian television which is still 'appointment viewing'.

Mr Scott, please renew Miss Fisher for another season.

Best Regards,


James Newburrie.

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    • Dianna Diatz LEXINGTON PARK, MD
      • 4 months ago

      This is a FIRST-CLASS series. Miss Fisher is brilliant, beautiful and compassionate. She doesn't forget her early life of struggle and financial hardship, and is kind to those she feels can use a "leg up."

      This show is so fantastic in the brilliance exhibited in every aspect of production, from the actors to the technical crew, the designers, director and screenwriter. BRILLIANT and fascinating series that is compelling every moment.

      It is truly one of my very favorite PBS series. I love the combination of history, glamour, grime, humor and pathos. Australia is definitely NOT down under when it comes to this series but ON TOP OF THE WORLD, as far as I'm concerned.

      It would be great fun to be one of these characters. They are all fascinating. It is so much fun to see how all the relationships are evolving...whether it is Phryne and Jack, or Dot and her policeman...

      From the extras about the series on DVD, it looks like a great amount of true comraderie and love is present in the making of this series.

      KUDOS to all! Long live Miss Phyrne Fisher!

      Best wishes for continued success, and more episodes...

      Dianna Diatz

      Lexington Park, Maryland (near Washington, DC)

    • Christine Pahlmann SARSTEDT, GERMANY
      • 4 months ago

      WONDERFUL!!! Cannot wait for more episodes!! :D

    • Wanda Mundy BURNABY, BC, CANADA
      • 4 months ago

      Have loved everything about it . . . the fact that the protagonist is a YOUNG WOMAN - who is competent and capable; the fact that ALL the characters have well-defined story lines, and experience change and growth; the fact that it is NOT formulaic in nature - as such shows as "Midsomer Murders," "Touch of Frost," "Poirot," etc.; the fact that cinematic production values have been employed; the fact that the wittily adult dialogue is VERY reminiscent of the Hepburn/Tracy dialoge of the '40s and '50s; the fact that - as a period piece - everything about it is "correct" for that time - and the back-stories reveal the underlying foundations of so much of the history we take for granted. It's just such an amazing show, on so many levels - and because it's so well done, it's so easy to just sink into that world. Kudos to Kerry Greenwood, Fiona Eaggar, Deb Cox and the inimitable Marion Boyce - Phryne Fisher's "sisters" - for bringing us such a wonderful, FUN show . . .

    • Alexander Henri AUSTRALIA
      • 5 months ago

      99% of australian shows are terrible. this one isnt just not terrible, its fantastic and should be supported to dispel the stigma that we cant make good TV

    • judy mcilvena AUSTRALIA
      • 5 months ago

      just love the show much better than those stupid reality shows


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