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Save A Yosemite Meadow

    1. Stacey Green
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      Stacey Green

      Fish Camp, CA


Fish Camp, CA is a small community outside the southern gates of Yosemite. It houses the Tenaya Lodge and various bed and breakfasts establishments. If you've taken Highway 41 into Yosemite, you've gone through Fish Camp!

Fish Camp is in the midst of a controversy. As most people in California know, California is suffering from a severe drought. The water supply has gotten so low that many big tourist spots may be shut down including Shaver Lake (located on the opposite side of the mountain that houses Fish Camp, Oakhurst, and Yosemite), and Bass Lake (located 12 miles south of Fish Camp). There are also rumors of draining Huntington Lake (north of Shaver Lake) to help with Shaver's water supply. That is how much of a drought we have gotten in.


There is an all-season, four diamond resort in Fish Camp.  In 1999 a developer (PacificUS) wanted to build another resort on a gorgeous meadow that holds the water supply for a large part of the community.  Now, building a large hotel takes about 10,000 gallons of water a day during construction and much more after completion. This would leave Fish Camp with a deficient supply of water for fire suppression and even daily use.


Not only do they want to build this hotel, but they have wanted to for the past 15 years. They first started The SilverTip project in 1999. The EIR was adopted in 2003.  They had one year and sixteen weeks to build the resort. During the course of a lawsuit against the EIR this timeframe was suspended.  On May 18, 2007, a 5-year extension was approved by the Mariposa Planning Commission. By the end of that 5 year extension PacificUS applied for another extension while filing with the bankruptcy court. The property was seized by the bank and then sold to Palm Springs Village. A 2-year extension was granted on May 18, 2012. Since then they have gotten one out of ninety-nine conditions approved.

And now the developer is asking for another extension on the SilverTip Project to try and get something done. Again. There should be provisions against this; after all, the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was approved eleven years ago. Fish Camp serves as a watershed for Yosemite National Park, meaning that the Giant Sequoias, wild flowers, and hundreds of species of wild life are dependent on our water. They, and we, are not dependent on a company's greed and ambition to ruin a beautiful meadow and an entire community.


We need to stop this extension from happening. This petition will save not only a beautiful meadow, but also an entire community. And, by result, Yosemite itself.

Mariposa Planning Commission
Save A Yosemite Meadow

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    • Donna Mau FRESNO, CA
      • 2 months ago

      Environment before profit

    • Erika Ferguson ALBANY, CA
      • 4 months ago

      We need less buildings and more natural nature habitats. Please save what we have left!!

    • Neise Turchin SEBASTOPOL, CA
      • 4 months ago

      Water versus profit. We DO NOT have enough water as it is. That is the main issue that will cause the destructions of humans on Earth - of course because we forgot our interdependence with Nature. Water IS a big deal. We must make decisions based on its use.

    • Judy Ward MARIPOSA, CA
      • 4 months ago

      I am a property owner in well as Mariposa ...

    • Gerald Preston RAYMOND, CA
      • 4 months ago

      Because My Grandparents used to camp there in the old-days and I'm a longtime visiter to Fish Camp


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