Marin Municipal Water District: Discontinue Fluoridating the Drinking Water in Marin County California
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Marin Municipal Water District: Discontinue Fluoridating the Drinking Water in Marin County California

    1. Petition by

      Jacob Barnett

      Woodacre, CA

Addition of fluoride to municipal water supplies has documented, significant, widely recognized, adverse health effects; many are listed in the petition below.

Municipalities throughout the United States and these European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Switzerland) have chosen fluoride-free water, in light of newest research data.

~  Take a few minutes to watch the excellent video presentations linked on this page, below the petition.  They are informative, offer latest, up-to-date research and address several incontrovertible, key issues.  ~

Please join us in our effort to eliminate the addition of Fluoride to the public water supply in Marin County, California; assuring safe water for those relying on drinking water from Marin Municipal Water District, as an essential component of daily sustenance and optimal health.

Read an overview of this request here:
Sinking Our Teeth Into the Marin Fluoridation Discussion"

Thank you for your support!

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    1. Why We Changed Our Minds About Water Fluoridation

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer

      Why We Changed Our Minds About Water Fluoridation

      The Sonoma County Gazette | October 3rd, 2014 by:
      Richard L. Shames MD & Karilee H. Shames PhD, RN practice in Sonoma and Marin Counties and authors of three popular books for thyroid patients: ThyroidPower, Feeling Fat Fuzzy or Frazzled, Thyroid Mind Power

      Like many of our professional colleagues, we long held a belief that water fluoridation was beneficial and relatively low-risk. We now feel otherwise. We are convinced that it is of small benefit and carries an unacceptably large risk.

      What changed our thinking so dramatically?

      While reviewing medical studies for a new book, we were shocked to learn about the disturbing fluoride-thyroid connection.

      We had been a prevention-oriented doctor-nurse team for twenty-five years. We’ve raised three children and have always viewed dental care as an integral part of a complete health program.

      After training at Harvard and Walter Reed respectively, Richard worked at the National Institutes of Health and Karilee as a nursing professor, before settling into private practice.

      Nothing on our medical paths shook our faith in fluoride. In fact, it was not until we were working with a New York publisher that we really did our homework on fluoridation. The topic of our book, Thyroid Power (HarperCollins 2001), was the unexplained skyrocketing of thyroid disease and its spin-off epidemics of fatigue, depression, anxiety, infertility, and overweight.

      While researching influences on the thyroid gland, we were astounded by the large number of fluoride citations. We were confronted with long lists of articles from scientists around the world reporting in medical journals about the harmful effects of fluoride.

      We discovered that in the history of history thyroid treatment, fluoride has previously been used by the medical profession to deliberately slow down overactive thyroid glands.
      At first this data challenged our medical and nursing education. But then we recalled being taught that no substance has just one action on the human body. Every medicine has a good action, called “the benefit,” and other less desirable actions, called “side effects.”

      In hindsight, it did seem odd that fluoridated water was touted as the only substance ever discovered that had a great benefit with no side effects at all. And it became similarly curious that fluoride was the only medicine ever to be added to public drinking waters.

      At this point, we felt compelled to investigate further. After reviewing hundreds of articles and books, it became clear that, regardless of any other benefits and side effects, fluoride was a “hormone disruptor” – a class of chemicals that have the unintended consequence of altering the proper function of important hormones in the body, such as thyroid.

      In the Archives of Oral Biology (1982, Volume 27), Kleiner found that fluoride interfered with proper metabolism of cyclic-AMP and thus diminished cellular energy.

      A career university scientist showed us a textbook about the mechanisms of fluoride tissue harm. Kenneth Kirk in his carefully written volume called Biochemistry of the Elemental Halogens and Inorganic Halides, described fluoride’s remarkable disruption of enzyme systems.

      We then consulted with a toxicology expert, who explained that fluoride progressively disrupts the sensitive G-proteins. These are the building blocks of our body’s hormone receptors. Subsequent research on fluoride/thyroid was just as worrisome.

      While it’s well known that fluoride is acutely poisonous and caustic at high concentrations, we now wanted to know whether the concentrations in municipal water could help teeth without thyroid harm.

      The data showed otherwise. Research by Galletti and Joyet, published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that fluoride in the range of 2-5 mg. per day (what people now ingest in a fluoridated area) was enough to slow down thyroid function.

      Thus, we came out “against fluoride” in our Thyroid Power book.

      But fluoride is not simply isolated problem for identified thyroid patients. As a widespread hormone disruptor it is very likely to be causing wider mischief, even at supposed safe levels.

      This larger environmental issue became the topic of our more recent book, Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? (Hudson/Penquin, 2005)

      With fluoride added to city water, millions of people are deliberately exposed to a hormone-altering agent. There is now a massive epidemic of low thyroid, low adrenal, and low functioning sex glands. Many people rightly complain, “There must be something wrong with my hormones.”

      Fluoride is, of course, just one of a great many environmental hormone disruptors. However, it is the only one we purposely put into our water.

      Perhaps the most sensitive among us are like the canaries brought down into the mines. They might be feeling the adverse effects first. Their vague symptoms of ill health could be the early warning signal for us all.

      Richard L. Shames MD & Karilee H. Shames PhD, RN practice in Sonoma and Marin Counties and authors of three popular books for thyroid patients: ThyroidPower, Feeling Fat Fuzzy or Frazzled, Thyroid Mind Power

    2. Larry Bragman for M.M.W.D. Board of Directors (Div. 3) ~ Please VOTE by mail OR on November 4th at the polls!!! A voice

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer

      Larry will be a strong voice for safe watershed management and safe drinking water.   Larry will provide direction and guidance for the health, safety and well being of our watershed and the drinking water it provides. His presence and voice on the M.M.W.D. Board of Directors will be an important contribution.

      Larry Bragman for M.M.W.D. Board of Directors (District 3)
      Vote for Larry Bragman by mail OR on November 4th at the polls!
      Please tell your friends about Larry, volunteer AND contribute to his campaign!

      You can read Larry’s campaign statements at

      At a recent meeting with Safe Water Marin members:
      1. Larry recognizes the significant health threats posed by water fluoridation and opposes adding Hydrofluorosilicic Acid to the municipal water supply.

      2. Larry opposes resuming the use of Monsanto’s Glyphosate/ ’Roundup’ in the watershed and the ongoing, costly studies supported by current board members.  

      3. Larry proposed following the Precautionary Principle, supported by many local Marin councils and the Marin County Board of Supervisors.

      Please volunteer an hour or more and encourage others to vote for Larry.  You can volunteer online or call Barbara at 415-388-2018

      Fluoride: Marin County water is currently being fluoridated with hydrofluorosilicic acid, an industrial grade fluoride compound-- NOT approved by the FDA for human consumption. If MMWD instead funded the Health and Safety Code program that provides free topical fluoride treatments to children, they would SAVE residents’ money. Fluoride treatments are less costly and- VOLUNTARY
      -NOT MANDATORY- leaving this medical procedure in the hands of licensed medical practitioners. The current water fluoridation mandate becomes invalid if this Health and Safety Code law is implemented.

      Glyphosate: Monsanto’s herbicide, ‘Roundup’ (glyphosate) is a proven health hazard. The patents tell the story! It is described as a wide-spectrum antibiotic, dessicant, and toxic herbicide. After application it spreads throughout the watershed into our water, other plants, grazing animals and soil organisms. opposes MMWD resuming the use of toxic Monsanto’s Round-Up/Glyphosate in our watershed and the costly, ongoing studies now supported by the current MMWD board members.
      We need NEW Leadership on the MMWD
      We need Board Members who will exercise and support the Precautionary Principle.

      Larry Bragman supports this Principle!
      Please join us in supporting Larry Bragman- a Wise Steward for our Watershed and Safe Drinking Water

      24 communities in the state of California have rejected toxic water fluoridation without any negative impact.

      Expensive, water wasting reverse osmosis filters (the only filtration system that eliminates fluoride) and fluoride-free bottled water are costly expenditures for low-income community members.  Marin public health clinics advise their clients to avoid giving fluoridated water to bottle-fed babies as recommended by the ADA and CDC. Babies are now being over-fluoridated, leading to dental fluorosis and other health problems later in life.  Fluoride is NOT a nutrient and no bodily process requires it. If we are not supposed to give HFA to our babies, why is it being put into our water? Why is there no warning label on our water bills? Why are we not following the Marin County Board of Supervisors endorsed, "Precautionary Principle?”

      Our petition at signed by over 2,500 community members demands that the M.M.W.D. board members stop medicating us via our drinking water and end water fluoridation in Marin County today. supports
      The Precautionary Principle

      If a chemical substance is not guaranteed to be 100 % safe
      And can do harm, it should NOT be used!
      The California Code of Regulation, Title 22, Section 66261.126, lists 791 chemicals as "Hazardous Waste" 39 of these are fluoride compounds."

      384a. Hydrofluosilicic Acid (X,C)

      384b. Fluosilicic Acid (X,C)

      674. Sodium Fluoride ( X )
      X = toxic, C = corrosive

    3. Dr. Paul Connett Addresses the Dallas City Council 06/11/14

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer

      The adulteration of the public water supply with fluoride violates your right to informed consent to medical treatment. Dr. Connett explains, in a nutshell, why municipal water fluoridation is:
      An excellent summary and an example of how the effort is moving to local county and city councils.

    4. Reached 2,500 signatures
    5. Water Fluoridation is NOT about Dental Health!

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer

      Jun 24, 2014

      Hello Folks! ~ The following message was posted last week but contained a large amount of incoherent formatting that left the post largely unreadable. Following is the revised version. Please circulate this post among your friends, neighbors and fellow water drinkers. And take action, as you feel moved.

      As most of you are aware, this petition presented to MMWD (Marin Municipal Water District) Board of Directors on August 20, 2013, met with an unwillingness and a stated inability of the board to take any action. (period)

      Recent research has revealed MMWD DOES HAVE THE AUTHORITY to discontinue adding fluoride to Marin County's drinking water supply! They are being less than forthright with the public about their authority and responsibility to provide safe, healthful water to our communities and attempting to stand behind a fallacious legal interpretation to maintain the status quo. We have decided to shift our focus.

      Members of the ad hoc organizing committee urge you to request Marin County Board of Supervisors AND constituent town council members to require MMWD to accept their legal responsibility and obligation to provide safe, healthful water to our communities and discontinue adding hydrofluorosalicilic acid to our drinking water. Now!

      Should you decide to contact individual members of these bodies, please be respectful! And consider winning them as allies in our effort. Know too that many members of these councils ALREADY understand the dangers of unregulated dosages of hydrofluorosalicilic acid and support our position! It's a request for influence and action!

      <strong>Names and email addresses of elected officials follow in the update below:</strong>
      IF the message below is unclear or appears unreadable (largely obscured by HTML code) please visit:

      as Web Page:

      as PDF File:

      On Behalf of the Ad Hoc Organizing Committee,
      Thank you for your continuing support and perseverance!


      Water Fluoridation is NOT about Dental Health!
      "Water fluoridation is simply a hazardous waste management tool.  It has nothing to do with dental health."
      Dr. William Hirzy, former risk assessment scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency.  See links here: and

      Our local MMWD Board Members are putting hydrofluorosilicic acid, (that comes from the scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry), into our drinking water without dosage control, medical oversight nor individual consent.  Does this makes sense?
      Instead of working with our community to end the unethical practice of water fluoridation, the MMWD are doing everything they can to keep water fluoridation going in our community.  Why??!!
      The MMWD are not bound by the 1995 mandate because the money paying for water fluoridation comes from real estate owned by the MMWD.  This is not outside money and therefore, there is no mandate.  Also, because the MMWD have NOT done a study on the environmental impact of water fluoridation, they are in violation of the California Environmental Quality Act laws.
      The MMWD are also in violation of the 1972 Marin water fluoridation ordinance because the hydrofluorosilicic acid that is put into our water is NOT approved by the FDA.  The National Sanitation Foundation does not have the authority to approve chemical substances that are put into our water to have a medical effect on our bodies.   
      How much longer is the MMWD going to use our bodies and our environment as a dumping ground for this hazardous waste?! 
      What Can You Do? 
      1. Contact your Marin County Board of Supervisor and request that they pass a Precautionary Principle Ordinance in Marin which would make water fluoridation illegal (and the use of any chemical in our water and environment that is not proven to be 100% safe). San Francisco Precautionary Principle Ordinance was adopted in 2003.

      To email the San Rafael Board of Supervisors click here:  and
      District 1 - Susan Adams:
      District 2 - Katie Rice:
      District 3 - Kate Sears:
      District 4 - Steve Kinsey:
      District 5 - Judy Arnold:

      2. Contact your town/city council and request that they pass a resolution calling on the MMWD to end water fluoridation in Marin.  See contact links below.
      3. Send this to at least 10 people in Marin County. 
      We strongly encourage you to act on this now by contacting town council members personally.
      Consider winning each person as an ally on this important issue!
      ~ Thank you! ~

      Town/city email contact links:
      San Rafael - link to all council members' email via reply form page:
      and direct emails for 2 council members:
      Damon Connolly, Vice Mayor:
      Kate Colin, Council member:

      Mill Valley:
      Stephanie Moulton-Peters, Mayor:
      Kenneth Wachtel , Vice Mayor:
      Garry Lion, Councilmember:
      John McCauley, Councilmember:
      Jessica Jackson, Councilmember:

      Corte Madera:
      Mayor, Michael Lappert:
      Vice Mayor, Carla Condon:
      Councilmember, Sloan Bailey:
      Councilmember, Diane Furst:
      Council Member, Bob Ravasio:

      Mayor Ray Withy:
      Vice Mayor Thomas Theodores: 
      Councilmember Jonathan Leone:
      Councilmember Linda Pfeifer:
      Councilmember Herb Weiner:

      San Anselmo:
      Tom McInerney, Mayor:
      John Wright, Vice Mayor:
      Kay Coleman, Councilmember:
      Ford Greene, Councilmember:
      Doug Kelly, Councilmember:

      Catherine Way, Councilmember:
      Dan Hillmer, Councilmember:
      Larry Chu, Vice Mayor:
      Kevin Haroff, Councilmember:
      Ann Morrison, Mayor:

      David Weinsoff, Mayor:
      Larry Bragman, Vice Mauyor:
      John Reed, Councilmember:
      Renee Goddard, Councilmember:
      Barbara Coler, Councilmember:

      Beach Kuhl, Mayor:
      Rupert Russell, Council Member:
      Elizabeth Brekhus, Mayor Pro Tempore:
      Carla Small, Council Member:
      Katie Hoertkorn, Council Member:
      Rob Braulik, Town Manager:
      Linda Lopez, Administrative Manager/Town Clerk:

      Councilmember, Jim Fraser:
      Councilmember, Erin Tollini:
      Councilmember, Emmett O’Donnell:
      Vice Mayor, Frank Doyle:
      Mayor Alice, Fredericks:
      Town Manager, Margaret (Peggy) Curran:
      Town Attorney, Ann Danforth:

      Mary Neilan, City Manager:
      Rob Epstein, City Attorney:
      Emily Longfellow, Deputy City Attorney:
      Becky Eastman, Finance Officer:
      Leslie Carpentiers, City Clerk/Risk Manager:

      Fluoride Action Network

      our most valuable asset is you. with your help, we can create change. Stay informed and sign-up for our free newsletter to get monthly updates about how fluoride is affecting all of us. We are at a crucial tipping point and need your help to get our water free of fluoride.

    6. Reached 2,000 signatures
    7. 10 Facts About Fluoride from

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer
      Addresses issues posed by water fluoridation advocates and describes continuing health threats created by municipal water fluoridation.

      10 Facts About Fluoride

      Attorney Michael Connett summarizes 10 basic facts about fluoride that should be considered in any discussion about whether to fluoridate water. To download the flyer that accompanies this video, visit: To watch Michael debate two advocates of fluoridation, see:

    8. FluorideGate: An American Tragedy by Dr David Kennedy

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer
      "FLUORIDEGATE" an excellent, new documentary outlining the health threats created by drinking water fluoridation. It contains interviews with William Marcus, EPA Senior Science Advisor - retired, and other leading scientists and health care providers. Well worth a look!

      FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy by - Dr. David Kennedy

      FLUORIDEGATE is a new documentary that reveals the tragedy of how government, industry and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country and especially to small children who suffer more than any other segment of the population.

    9. Reached 500 signatures
    10. Tooth Decay Trends: Declining Regardless of Fluoridated Water or Not

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer
      World Health Organization Data - Tooth Decay Trends " San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water

      Fluoridation is Not effective in reducing tooth decay. Tooth decay declined more in many non-fluoridated developed countries that in the US. World Health Organization Data (2004) - Tooth Decay Trends (12 year olds) in Fluoridated vs. Unfluoridated Countries: No water fluoridation or salt fluoridation

    11. Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer
      Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation

      Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation - Available on DVD In a full length video produced by the Fluoride Action Network, respected professional researchers, scientists, and health practitioners openly discuss their experience and opinions concerning the adverse health effects and ethical problems associated with the public health policy of water fluoridation.

    12. Pediatrician Dr. Yolanda Whyte speaking on fluoride dangers to children

      Jacob Barnett
      Petition Organizer

      Here is the great new video they produced of pediatrician Dr. Yolanda Whyte speaking on fluoride dangers to children:

      A Pediatrician Speaks Out on Fluoridation

      In this short video, Dr. Yolanda Whyte discusses some of the reasons she opposes fluoridating water supplies. To help FAN make more videos like this in 2013, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today at:

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    Reasons for signing

    • Pia Lion MILL VALLEY, CA
      • 6 days ago

      Just diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease.

    • Mark Albers SAN RAFAEL, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      We are having a baby and the last thing I want is for her to have brain damage because of ingestion of unneeded and harmful fluoride.

    • Shelly Longinotti SAN RAFAEL, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      My son has been diagnosed with ADD. I would like to reduce my family's exposure to chemicals.

    • Anca Sira SAN RAFAEL, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      It's unnecessary, it is a waste product that has been sold by the ADA as beneficial. It causes more damage than good.

    • Jennifer Parlette SAN ANSELMO, CA
      • 2 months ago

      i have a toddler and don't want her to exposed to all this fluoride


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