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Marin County Supervisors and other Tam Valley leaders: Preserve and enhance Tam Valley's quality of life and protect our community
  • Petitioned Soren Hemmila

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Editor, Mill Valley Herald, Marinscope Newspapers
Soren Hemmila
Mill Valley Patch
Jim Welte
Marin County Board Of Supervisors
Marin County Supervisors
Marin County Board Of Supervisors - President and Supervisor District 4
Kathrin Sears
Marin County Board Of Supervisors - Supervisor District 3
Steve Kinsey
U.S. House of Representatives
California State House
California State Senate

Marin County Supervisors and other Tam Valley leaders: Preserve and enhance Tam Valley's quality of life and protect our community

    1. Mark Marinozzi
    2. Petition by

      Mark Marinozzi

      Mill Valley, CA

Tam Valley, a neighborhood of over 7,000 residents (nearly as big as Sausalito) has been targeted for years as a potential area for increased high density residential development. As part of unincorporated Marin County, high density developments in the area may receive faster approval than in a city.

But with schools at or over capacity, traffic that is a mess during peak hours, sensitive natural environment that is increasing constrained and a lack of key retail like a decent nearby grocery store, the neighborhood is not prepared to handle this type of growth.

Despite attempts to present research and letters against over-development to the Marin County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors, there is a distinct sense that community leaders are not listening to a desire to lower the amount of potential residential build-out in commercial/mixed use areas and preserve the community and environment of Tam Valley from ill-conceived and selfish development.

There are currently two proposed plans (2012 Draft Marin County Housing Element and One Bay Area Plan) that could result in significant increases in high-density residential development in the neighborhood. Please sign this petition if you agree that:

1. Tam Junction Affordable Housing Opportunity Sites should be removed from the 2012 Draft Marin County Housing Element;
2. Tam Valley and Almonte should be removed from the Highway 101 Corridor Priority Development Area of the regional One Bay Area Plan; and 
3. Any future Tam Junction projects should not be exempt to the California Environmental Quality Act and should all be subject to environmental review

This petition will be forwarded to a number of community leaders, organizers and the media, including Marin County Supervisors Katrin Sears and Steve Kinsey, to signal concern for and a preference to protect our community, not add 100 units to Tam Junction and create "band-aid" solutions to traffic and other infrastructure problems.

Signing will send a clear signal that you want any future Tam Valley planning to address the current community concerns.

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    1. Reached 500 signatures
    2. Decision-maker Alan Jones responds:

      Alan Jones

      Damned irritating to have my inbox clogged with your petition signers. Making people pissed off is no way to get what you want (whatever that is).

    3. Reached 25 signatures
    4. Decision-maker Alan Jones responds:

      Alan Jones

      Hello Mark. Saw you logged onto the Vision Group website this morning--must be how my name got attached to this petition which I absolutely oppose. Use of Vision Group email addresses for this purpose is misleading and unethical. Pleas...

    5. Reached 10 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Valorie Van Dahl MILL VALLEY, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I have lived in the area for the last 20 years and have seen a continued build-up of the area and a change in the environment, and not always for the better.

    • mike healy NOVATO, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      We have to keep the green somewhere.

    • Guy Palmer MILL VALLEY, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      We should completely drop out of this nonsense. Their waving chumpchange infront of our supervisors and we're spending tons of time sorting through this "alice in wonderland" PDA. It's a reeeeallly bad joke. Marin county has not "mass transit" We have a completely overpriced bus system that spends most of its time shuttling kids to middle school and seniors to the grocery store. The last true mass transit system Marin had was torn up when they pulled up the train tracks and turned them into bike paths. Further - Tam Valley and Mill Valley have been brought to their knees like Ihave never seen. My parents moved here in 1963. And I spent my childhood walking to and from school ( and this included walking to Edna maguire from Tam valley). Now - virtually every kid get's shuttled to school in moms BMW and every teenager has 4 cars! So the "Einsteins" behind these PDA's think by building skyrise million-dollar shoe box condos will "encorage" the use of "mass transit"... HA! Anybody who can afford such a monstrosity will likely be driving a very expensive car and will never travel in anything less than that. Frankly - for the most part Traffic from MV to SF has stayed flat (from what I can see) Most of the traffic on 101 is going north or to the east. Marin is getting older and older and will have fewer and fewer folks that will be working at all. I just wish our knucklehead - well intentioned politicians would stop wasting their time and our money on this folly.

    • Luke Toy MILL VALLEY, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I live in the tam valley area and i love the nature. Plus the traffic levels would rise making it hard to reach my house which is located just off shoreline highway. SAVE TAM VALLEY

    • Jay Harvey SAN RAFAEL, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I am concerned about crime levels rising and about local businesses being negatively impacted


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