Restore our hourly  31 bus service through the  Winterbourne Valley. You have made life even harder for our elderly and socially disadvantaged residents living in these villages in Dorset.
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Restore our hourly 31 bus service through the Winterbourne Valley. You have made life even harder for our elderly and socially disadvantaged residents living in these villages in Dorset.

    1. Jon Walker
    2. Petition by

      Jon Walker

      Dorchester, United Kingdom

Without regular access to a public transport service many elderly residents of this small Dorset village are now cut off from the outside World. Unable to run the costly expense of a private car , or being no longer able to drive, many relied on this hourly service to take them in and out of the village.

The village has no footpaths out of the village, nor has it any street lighting. As such even for the younger population it wouldnt be possible to travel other than by car or taxi in the evenings.

I have made this petiton to make it easier for those who have mobility issues to add their voice by signing  this to say they support the campaign to keep the No 31 bus service by First Group, running on the hour throughout the day. We have currently lost this service

Every signature counts here. First Group have told me it is no longer finacially viable to run this service, however surely everyone old or young has the right to the provision of public transport in these days of "Eco/Green environmental " leave the car at home times?

This was their reply when I asked them:

First DorsetHi Jon, we receive no funding at all for the route through Martinstown. Not enough people in Martinstown board the bus to make it a viable option, and as we're a commercial business, it's a step we must take. Sorry to all affected. (DS).........


This service is a social necessity for our communities and a bus comapny as large as the "First Group" should be ashamed of their actions in isolating rural communities. We should not be denied access to social and public transport and be provided with transport for all . Right now the old and young are being made to suffer through no fault of their own , this is blatant discrimination.


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    1. First Bus are up to their old tricks again.. please sign the below

      Jon Walker
      Petition Organizer

      Long time since I posted anything. First bus are quietly cutting services affecting many communities and should not be allowed to get away with it. Can I please ask all of you who kindly signed my petition to sign the below petition to enable a very proactive Councillor the support she needs to help us all.
      Thank you all very much and as you see the fight isn't over yet !

      Petition to Save X31 Services - Ros Kayes

      We the undersigned ask Dorset County Council to intervene to support the reinstatement of all or some of the evening X31 services between Dorchester and Axminster. These are crucial transport for workers. If you submit this petition the Liberal Democrats and their elected representatives may use the information you have provided to contact you from time to time about issues we think you may find of interest.

    2. First Group announce pre tax profits

      Jon Walker
      Petition Organizer

      About FirstGroup

      FirstGroup plc is the leading transport operator in the UK and North America, with revenues of more than £6.7 billion per annum.
      Statutory operating profit
      UP +66.1%

      Our services help create strong, vibrant and sustainable local economies and our opportunity is to be the provider of choice for our customers and deliver vitally important services for our passengers. During the last year around 2.5 billion people relied on us to get to work, to education, to visit family and friends and much more.

      This is their statement:
      "Our services open up opportunities and experiences and help to create strong, vibrant and sustainable local economies. Our opportunity is to be the organisation to solve the problems of our increasingly congested world and to help people, communities and society to prosper."
      Yeah right !!

    3. Reached 400 signatures
    4. Politicians take over....

      Jon Walker
      Petition Organizer

      Id like to thank everyone who has signed this petition. I wanted to highlight immediately how unjust it was to withdraw a regular bus service through a small Dorset village effectively cutting off the residents. I managed to gain media support and coverage quickly as a result of creating this petition which was fantastic. I never dreamed I'd end up talking on live BBC Radio Solent and our local Radio station Wessex FM. I'd like to thank both stations for giving me the opportunity to speak out publicly.
      I have felt very strongly about loosing this hourly service and even though I am not one who uses the bus, I felt it was everyone's problem if the buses stopped running through the villages. Just because it's run by a private company it shouldn't put profits before people and sadly do not seem to be foresighted enough to know what this crucial cut will cause in the longer term.
      I am closing this petition right now and thank all of you for signing the cause.

    5. County Hall Meeting 25th April 2014

      Jon Walker
      Petition Organizer

      Basically a number of alternative options were discussed looking at resources that are either not used or can be re-routed to provide more buses through the village during the day and evening. I cannot say what hours will be covered yet but the Bus Companies were very helpful by offering to go away and have a look at what can be provided in regards to a service and will come back and reconvene in a week.
      I would like to say it isn’t a closed door yet, no promises being made so everything is up in the air. I doubt we will get the same service we currently have back but we may end up with something more than we first feared.

    6. BBC Radio Celebrity joins the fight

      Jon Walker
      Petition Organizer

      BBC Radio Veteran Johnnie Walker MBE has signed this petition. As a man living in Dorset he understands the importance of having community transport and all its implications and I am delighted he has added his voice of support to this cause.
      Thank you Johnnie

    7. Mysterious Ticket

      Jon Walker
      Petition Organizer

      It appears from a ticket in my possession, that any fares being picked up from the village are mysteriously being called a fare from Winterborne Abbas??
      It's no wonder that fares are not being registered from Martinstown if this is the case. It appears that Martinstown has suddenly vanished from the route. Is this wishful thinking on First Bus Dorset? Keep getting the signatures my friends as we need to show that this isn't acceptable.
      I wonder if this is a deliberate ploy to show incorrect statistics to pervert the truth?

    8. More Media Interest ...

      Jon Walker
      Petition Organizer

      Well I have been lucky to be invited to BBC Radio Solent's " Breakfast in Dorset" Live on air at 08.00hrs this coming Tuesday morning (22nd April) Not bad considering I was just highlighting an injustice. I seem to have been suddenly sucked into a whirlpool.
      All in a good cause say's I ..... :)

    9. Reached 300 signatures
    10. Media now engaged in our fight to retain bus service.

      Jon Walker
      Petition Organizer

      Listen to Wessex FM tomorrow for campaign broadcasts and also see the local Dorset Echo tomorrow for coverage of this campaign.

    11. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Jon Dyer B, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      Because I wish to move to live in Martinstown

    • Roseanna Marshall NEWENT, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      The same thing has happened in our community in Gloucestershire.Why should these people have to suffer!

      • about 1 month ago

      As children grown up in this village they need independence and this is vital to help them. People without cars need this service to get into the local towns, for work and supplies.

      • 2 months ago

      use bus regularly workers at nursing homes witnessed using bus for their livelihoods now gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Catherine Withers AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      When I visit from overseas this is the only service I can use to visit my mum in her care home in Winterbourne Steepleton


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