Make The Wave safer
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Make The Wave safer

    1. Ian Palmer
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      Ian Palmer

      Dartmouth, Canada

Sunday evening I was for a walk on the Halifax waterfront with my wife and 2 children, age 3 and 10. As we got close to the “wave” my 3 year old kicked off his shoes, and ran for it, thinking it was a slide, he wanted to go on it with the other 25 or so trying to climb up it as well. He ran, zig zaging to the top, he even avoided the people falling back down it.
In horror my wife and I, and many other adults watches as my 10 year old tried to catch him, but slid back down. As my 3 year old reached the top, he thought the other side was a slide as well, and fell to the ground below.
At the IWK were we were most of the night we were told that this happens every few months, usually from a tourist who would not think a city would have something dangerous in the heart of the waterfront. Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful that the ground around the sculpture is now playground rubber, if not for that he would have been much worse. But how can that thing not have a rail or something at the top to stop people from falling over the other side. I am not saying put a fence around it all, but come on, what are they waiting for? the first child to die?
My three year old will be fine, scrapes, cuts and bruises, and a limp for a bit, but, wow, it is a tragedy waiting to happen.
Would you see a playground with a place to climb up on one side, and a drop on the other?
Of course not, the top needs a rail, of something on the other side to slide down.

Councillor Waye Mason, Waterfront area Councillor
Councillor Gloria McCluskey, My city Councillor
Colin MacLean, Waterfront Development Corporation; President & CEO
Put something at the top of 'The Wave' to make it safer from falling off, or to slide down the other side.

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    • Lorne Whitehead VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      I fully agree with Mr. Palmer. I've heard that his petition has received considerable on-line ridicule which I view as unwarranted and simplistic. (Of course we shouldn't put railings everywhere - but that doesn't prove anything - obviously we do put railings in some places and we need to think carefully about this and not be guided by ignorant rhetoric.) In contrast to such online shouting, Mr. Palmer makes a reasoned argument bolstered by personal experience. The facts are simple - and I can personally attest to this - when a visitor approaches the Wave and sees children climbing on it, the strong impression is that such behavior is at least condoned and quite likely encouraged by the city. One therefore assumes the danger is small, because if it were not, surely a railing would be in place. This erroneous impression, for which the city is responsible, is hurting innocent children on a regular basis. That can easily be stopped by several available means. In my view the City of Halifax should be ashamed of the continued allowance of this avoidable hazard. I commend Mr. Palmer for his efforts.

    • Cheryl Sullivan WINDSOR, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      As a mother, I can say that you can't always now know which direction your child is going to go or be able to catch them as they fall. Luckly, this child was not seriously injuried but why wait for another child to be hurt. My Daughter is well over 3 but she still climbs the wave every time we're downtown Halifax and she still doesn't listen to me.

    • Janet Lunn BEDFORD, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      How dare you allow your children to play on a piece of art! This is a sculpture not a playground. There is a playground nearby, perhaps you should find a responsible adult to take your children there. You need to teach your children to respect rules and not start a whiny, absurd petition when they break rules and get hurt. I hope you explained to your child that they got hurt because they were somewhere they were not allowed to be and then apologized to them for not adequately supervising or explaining the rules.

      You are an embarrassment and need to stop blaming inanimate objects for your parenting fails.

      Kids get hurt. Hopefully both of you learned a lesson.

      • about 1 year ago

      Perhaps it is more important to be an involved, engaged parent and teach our children restraint, following rules, and that actions have consequences. Did you read the sign at the base of the art that says "Do not climb?" This petition is ridiculous and farcicle.

    • Dale McClare HALIFAX, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      I see it as a hazard and a way for kids to break their necks while having fun on the waterfront.


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