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Make Pain Meds Available to Florida Residents that Suffer Chronic Pain!

    1. Heather Golden
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      Heather Golden

      Jacksonville, FL

I am not yet 40 and suffer from psoriatic arthritis. I have been to 18 pharmacies in 3 days looking for a medication prescribed by my doctor of 13 years. I will run out in a few days and have to suffer not only the pain of my condition but the indignity of detox as well. I have been online reading story after story of people like myself unable to fill our prescriptions that we need to work, parent, maintain some kind of normal existence. I receive no public assistance as a single mom. My insurance will pay, but
finding oxycodone products in Florida now is like going on the mythical snipe hunt. I'm

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    • Michelene Hull PANAMA CITY, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I'm signing because I too live with constant pain and these meds make it possible for me to do the very few things I am still able to do. This is insane! Having my medical needs be managed by the DEA and NOT my doctors is wrong. Demanding I undergo injections that years have shown do not work for me (and recently caused meningitis) in order to get my meds, out of fear of the DEA is WRONG. Losing the right to privacy of my medical records simply because I am a pain patient, is WRONG. They don't stop the addicts, so to appear like they are doing "something" they go after doctors and their patients. The addicts are doing fine having switched to heroin, but the chronically ill, chronic pain patients, and even some terminally ill patients are all suffering. We wouldn't let an animal suffer this way, but its ok for a human? This is just wrong.

    • sharon anthony NORTH PORT, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I was an LPN for 14 yrs. I found that I could not feel my patients pain so if they told me they hurt,I gave them their pain meds. 4 yrs ago I was rearended by a pick up truck twice. Yep he hit me twice!! Now, I am in constant pain, and only thing that relieves it is pain meds. I've been thru the neurosurgeon, physical therapy, wait and see....I have never abused my meds, why should I be punished because some others do?

    • Paul Tammaro SPRINGHILL, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have been using the Same; Medicine, Same Dr, SAME PHARMACY and Oct-16, I was told the phcy was "OVER THEIR ALLOTTMENT"..Excuse me?..THIS IS WHY I use the same pharmacy-WHAT GIVES? From my uinderstanding, ONE MAY ACQUIRE THESE ILLEGALLY but NOT if you have a legitimate Rx and reason to use hem..The DEA HAS OVERSTEPPED ITS BOUNDS Once-again..SHUTTING Walgreens and CVS send more folks to MT pharmacy.


    • Kathy Gleason LARGO, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Why are the patients with chronic pain having to suffer, because we can't get a prescription of Oxycodone, that is prescribed for a legitimate reason, by a legitimate doctor?

      I am chronically ill. I am never going to get better, at best I could stay the same, but more likely than not I will get worse. I have Systemic Sclerosis w/secondary Pulmonary Fibrosis. I suffer from other illnesses also, they include fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease (several herniated disks and pinched nerves), unresolved coccygodynia, sciatica, and chondritis to name a few other items flailing through my body.

      I have many specialists in my life. I usually spend at least one day a week all year at a different doctor of mine. They are all the best in my book. My pain management doctor has been with me since day one, when I first started going down hill 8 years ago. He is a legitimate pain management specialist and wonderful at what he does.

      It took at least the first 5 years with him, before we found the best combination of pain medication, that would be safe for my breathing condition and not react with the other 13 medications that are prescribed for me. Of course, if I was going to have relief of my pain, I also wanted to make sure I was not going to be drowsy. What would be the use of pain relief, if I still had no life because I was too tired all the time. My conditions alone cause chronic fatigue, so I’m already battling that one.

      My perfect medication turned out to be Oxycodone. I takes this pain medication because it relieves me of my pain, but at the same time I it doesn’t make me tired at all. I thought all was going as well as expected, until the Government and the DEA stepped in on pharmacies and legitimate pain management doctors.

      My first problem began in early July, trying to refill my Oxycodone at my regular pharmacy. I went to three pharmacies before I could get it filled. The second incident was the following month, August. This time it took me 9 pharmacies to get my refill. I was extremely worried. I was out of pain medication and wasn’t having any luck finding it. Three pharmacies of my chain had the medication ,but refused to fill my prescription. I began this errand in the morning and by 10 pm, I finally found a pharmacy to fill my Oxycodone. In the meantime, I worried about, my pain, detoxing, intensification of pain while detoxing, not being able to get into my doctor, appearing desperate and looking like an addict. It was hell!

      That is the worst feeling for anyone who suffers through chronic pain. Who would ever think that such a thing would even happen to those of us that are not “drug addicts”. We worry what people think anyways, when they know we are on pain medication. When you’re chronically ill, pain meds are a life sentence.

      I mentioned this problem to my pain management doctor, when I went to him both times. He didn’t seem to make much of it, until the following month. I was informed about the Government & DEA, now taking control of how many patients legitimate doctors would be allowed to prescribe without getting fined or loosing their license, etc.. and which pharmacies would be allowed and how much they would be allotted to dispense, etc..

      Oxycodone, that miracle pain medication, that takes the pain away without the side effect of being tired or drowsy, or feeling drugged. The medication that was developed to specifically help the chronically ill patient.

      I have been suffering so much in the last 2 months, trying to replace what was working for me with something old. It’s not happening yet. I am in pain, the new medication is not helping the pain at all, but it is making me drowsy. I figure it’s a great drug for bedtime, definitely not for daytime. Not if I want to keep some form of independence or be able to get anything done.


      Why is this important to you?

    • Oleta Webb PENSACOLA, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      With out our pain meds we can not live any type of live outside of bed. We will not be able to care for ourselves needless to say any family.


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