make cosmetics safer

make cosmetics safer

    1. Amber T
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      Amber T

      Chimacum, WA

Do you know what is in your cosmetics? Some contain carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals! Do you let your child wear makeup or play dress-up? Cosmetics are something to make us feel better and look better but at what cost? Something needs to be done! Please take the time to go to and and sign the petition. Men please think of the women in your life and what they mean to you and consider taking action as well. This is not acceptable!
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    • Amber T CHIMACUM, WA
      • about 5 years ago

      No chemicals means safer products that don't need animal testing, it's a win for everyone. Please pass this around to everyone you know and have them sign all of these petitions on the website, thanks!

    • Amber T CHIMACUM, WA
      • over 5 years ago

      Initiated this Pledge!


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