Make Child Assault a Felony
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Make Child Assault a Felony

    1. Susan  Tolbert
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      Susan Tolbert

      Leyden, MA

Children have fewer rights than adults and this is WRONG. Those too small, weak or young to protect themselves are usually the worst abused ones, and those whose injuries and even deaths are ignored or passed over. Assaults on adults are punished far more harshly than assaults on children, IF those are punished at all!

More often, child assault (of all types) is handed off by police to overburdened social services agencies and even schools! These people are only partially equipped to deal with the horror of a child living with the daily threat of violence and sexual assault. THIS SHOULD BE A MATTER FOR THE COURTS! And the punishments should be at least the same, if not greater, than assault on an adult.

Please protect children by writing to your Congressperson and demanding that they change state laws to make ANY physical assault on a child an automatic felony.

If children cannot turn to caring adults, they are lost and their lives ruined!

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    • Susan Tolbert LEYDEN, MA
      • about 3 years ago

      They realize that children deserve our protection, that we owe it to them and must intervene no matter WHOSE child they are, to stop violence against them.


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