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Make Change.org Better--Enable Two-Way Dialog on the Issues
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Make Change.org Better--Enable Two-Way Dialog on the Issues

    1. Augie Ray
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      Augie Ray

      Jersey City, NJ

Change.org is a terrific service empowering people to transform the world, but it could do even more to achieve its goals. If Change.org enabled true bilateral dialog, people could be exposed to more than one side of each issue, allowing them to make more informed decisions as to the petitions they choose to support.

In its current state, Change.org only allows one-sided arguments to be presented, furnishing no opportunity for those being petitioned or others to offer contrary opinions or information. People visiting a petition have just two choices--sign a petition or leave. Because Change.org does not allow those with differing opinions or additional information to add comments to a petition, erroneous information and unsupported assertions can go unchallenged. Without dialog and debate, people may sign petitions without having the benefit of hearing other views and weighing additional facts.

If Change.org really wishes to be a force for change, it will permit dialog. People deserve to make fully informed decisions, to have access to all perspectives and to engage not just on the petitions they support but also the ones they oppose. Please sign this petition and encourage Change.org to allow dialog, debate and diversity of opinion.

This petition supports Change.org and its goals. We can make Change.org better!

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    1. Please share with others in social media business

      Augie Ray
      Petition Organizer

      I think this petition is something others in the social media and reputation management business would care about. It's off to a slow start (unsurprisingly), so if you could please share this with your friends and Twitter followers, I'd appreciate it.

      Thanks for the support, everyone.

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    • Ginger Nance ATLANTA, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      A well-informed vote is the strongest vote.

    • Augie Ray JERSEY CITY, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      I believe Change. org should embrace the same opportunity for debate found throughout social sites today.


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