Stop making children smoke their medication, allow for the use of cannabis oil and other derivatives
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Stop making children smoke their medication, allow for the use of cannabis oil and other derivatives

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      Pediatric Cannabis Canada

Forget the stigmas associated with marijuana. Cannabis oil has the potential to ease the suffering of thousands of children in Canada. What many people don't realize is that many forms of "cannabinoids" are non-psychoactive with zero high. What's more, these cannabinoids have been shown time and again to prevent seizures, reduce tumours, and reverse cognitive delays. My daughter, and many more like her, can experience hundreds of seizures a day with some seizures lasting hours. Every moment of every day there is the potential that she could suddenly be taken from us from a seizure. Thankfully we have kept those seiuzres at bay with cannabis oil. We have a prescription from a neurologist and several options for a licensed supplier here in Canada. Unfortunately, Health Canada only allows for the sale and consumption of dried cannabis, essentially forcing children to smoke their life-saving medication. Please consider signing this petition, reaching out to your mp, or getting in touch with the media to change this archaic regulation. No one should be forcing children to smoke and no one should be forcing parents to make home made oil illegally in their kitchens. Thank you.

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    1. Update - Cannabis Oil for Pediatric Patients in Canada

      Thank you everyone for your continued support. Our petition has gathered nearly 12,000 signatures. Every week a new set of signatures is forwarded to the Health Minister's office and the Office of Controlled Substances within Health Canada. They may not be responding yet but they cannot ignore our message much longer.

      Despite a lack of clinical trials, an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence has convinced more and more doctors in Canada to consider signing prescriptions.

      Parents have begun pooling information together to help determine dosing and strains of cannabis that work for different conditions. (see Pediatric Cannabis Canada group on Facebook -

      The biggest hurdle at the moment continues to be Health Canada's restriction on dried cannabis, forcing children to consume their medicine by smoking it. As a collective group we must put pressure on Health Canada to change this regulation and allow for cannabis extracts (oil) by talking to the media, reaching out to our local MPs and by making sure we are heard.

      Thank you once again. We are raising funds for our cause with t-shirt sales. Please visit for more info.

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    • Kayla Foss HALIFAX, CANADA
      • 1 day ago

      I have epilepsy and none of the medications allowed help. I don't want to get high or smoke medical marijuana to stop having seizures. I would like my government to allow oil forms so that I once again be seizure free and not have to worry about the next time I have a seizure or the horrible side effects of medications that I am forced to live with. i just want to be normal, and a law is in the way.

    • Bernhard Rohrbeck LUTZMANNSBURG, AUSTRIA
      • 2 days ago

      The madness has to end. We need to change on every level.

    • Jane Beaulieu WAINFLEET, CANADA
      • 4 days ago

      I have see how it has help children get their conditions under control , but smoking is not the healthest way for the to reseve it never mind how many Adults who have alleriges to smoking could also benefit from what it will do for their medical problems too.

    • Lawrence Gabriel Lawton CROWN POINT, IN
      • 7 days ago

      I have read the benefits of CBD for adults and for children. I firmly belief edible CBD is much safer, for any age human; than many (probably all) of the prescription drugs which are used. CBD does not get people high... At all. CBD has no known negative side effects!

      It is ridiculous children/people need to suffer because of false stigma toward the marijuana plant. I take 20mgs of pure cbd a day and it helps greatly with my inflammation and my anxiety.

      Make CBD easily accessible to everybody!

    • Robert Wright WINDSOR, CANADA
      • 12 days ago

      I suffer from migraines, fatigue, sleeping disorders and other neurological problems associated with the trigeminal nerve, for which my doctors have prescribed epilepsy meds, anticonvulsants and anti depressants. This was done on the basis that some users of these drugs report reduced incidences of migraine - which is not a very heavy burden of proof to me - especially considering the debilitating side effects accompanied by all of these meds. And, of course, the fact that they did not work. Medical Hemp (CBD) and Marijuana (THC) oils are known to work - for everything I suffer from - with very few side effects. Others have it much harder than I do - epilepsy, Alzheimer's, cancer sufferers... it is unconscionable and inhumane to deprive sufferers from this medicine. Remember back when we used to believe in science in Canada? Please let's return to sanity, make this medicine legal!


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