Make Canada's National Animal The Polar Bear!
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Make Canada's National Animal The Polar Bear!

    1. Stacey Peters
    2. Petition by

      Stacey Peters

      Toronto, Canada

Canada is taking a huge step in recognizing animal conservation throughout the country. An even bigger step would be to make the polar bear Canada's national animal.

Out of 20,000 polar bears left in the world, 15,000 of them call Canada their home.

The beaver was originally selected to promote the European fur trade in the 1970's. The beaver is indeed tradition and history for Canadians, but it is also a long time ago, and history only becomes history once it is changed. Canada has taken massive steps in preventing the fur trade, and I do not believe we should continue to be symbolized by an animal whom we only chose for the purposes of money and greed.

Recent studies have shown that polar bear populations are decreasing because of this. So, in making the polar bear our national animal, it will instill a sense of pride in the animal, and a sense of responsibility for it and its homeland, which coincidentally happens to be our homeland.

This responsibility will generate a bigger interest in population and habitat conservation, which will not only protect the polar bears, but will also start to heal the land we've slowly killed over the years. There is no possible way to help the polar bears, without in turning helping other Arctic animals such as the Ringed Seal, its primary prey, and Arctic habitats and environments.

In addition to arctic lands, the new focus on them will help people understand the crisis that our country and others are in, getting mind gears grinding about global warming and what we can do to help and reduce its impacts, like cleaner energy forms and the like. It will more than likely increase tourism to the parts of Canada that house polar bears, Manitoba and the territories mainly.

Improving our economy and our native land at the same time with something so small will have a snowball effect on everything, and I don't see that as such a bad thing. 

The polar bear is a great symbol for Canada. Polar bear's medicine includes the ability to navigate along the earth’s magnetic lines, introspection, ability to find sustenance in barren landscapes, purity of spirit, strength in the face of adversity, expert swimmer through emotional waters, finding ones way back from the brink, and communication with Spirit. Intelligent and fearless, native tribes throughout history have held the polar as a desirable ally and spirit helper. The white colour of the polar bear is very significant indeed, for it represents purity of spirit. As this bear is fearless and the universal energy only flows when fear is absent, the polar serves as a valuable ally in getting past fear, both physically and mentally.

Making the Polar Bear our National Animal will help in aiding their population and habitat conservation, as well in creating a sense of responsibility in Canadians for our home and native land, as well as the creatures that inhabit it.


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    • tanssorier franck VEZINS, FRANCE
      • almost 3 years ago

      Protection des animaux et de l'environnement a l'echelle planéraire

    • Steve Marshall LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 3 years ago

      The Polar Bear is one of the most spectacular and loved anumals in the world; it is also vulnerable to loss of the Arctic ice and threatened by climate change. With three quarters of Polar Bears calling Canada home, it would be a huge symbol of the country's commitment to the environment and nature conservation. It could even be temporary, perhaps to coincide with a 10-year action plan or conservation target, if the beaver is wanted as the long-term symbol.

      I spent two weeks exploring western Canada this autumn and I loved the wildlife, scenery and the people.

      • almost 3 years ago

      Everyone in Canada should be outraged or ashamed that most of the worlds population is in their country. I thought Canada was a civilised country. Wake up people in Canada and the Canadian government and start doing something for this rare and beautiful Animal. You should be proud, but art the moment you should hang your heads in Shame. The Polar Bear Needs Canadians to Protect it.

    • Joseph Connolly SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 3 years ago

      When is this so called society going to catch on these animals need their own space. Canada do something before it's too late.

    • Mícheál Caomhánach LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • almost 3 years ago

      The Polar Bear is one of the worlds most magnificent and beautiful Animals on the planet. Between Global Warming and Humans encroaching on these animals natural habitat. Bloody tourists treating these wild animals environment like it was some large zoo. If there was as much publicity on the these animals being an endangered species as one person being attacked it would make a lot more sense and a lot more good. When is the Human Race going to wake up to the fact these Animals need there own space, it will only make the news when there all gone, then it will be to late.

      China seems to be the major country in the World for Absolutely No Regard for Animals. A society that treats Animals as the do is a reflection on the way they treat their people. The rest of the civilised world should be putting pressure on this sickening country and the sick barbaric people that cause horrendous acts of agonising cruelty to Animals. There demand for Rhiono Horn and Elephant Tusks, resulting in these wonderful animals being subject to suffering and death due to out dated myths. There's also the cruelty to Cats and Dogs for meat and the horrendous act of SKINNING ANIMALS ALIVE.

      Please sign our Petition on To Stop Dogs Being SKINNED ALIVE in China for their Fur Please 'LIKE' StopFurTrade on Facebook StopFurTrade and follow @StopFurTrade on Twitter. .


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