Make BP Pay for Damage
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Make BP Pay for Damage

    1. Rachel Wolf
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      Rachel Wolf

      San Francisco, CA

After weeks of seeing birds drenched in oil, coastlines ruined, and livelihoods threatened by the BP Spill, Washington continues to treat BP with kid gloves. Help us get Congress to pass a bill that makes BP legally required to pay for all of the damage that its reckless risk-taking has caused to the Gulf Coast and its economy.

Our current federal laws let BP off the hook by capping liability for damages at only $75 million.

BP has promised to wave the statutory cap but right now fishermen, boat keepers, tourism workers, and scores of coastal businessmen are receiving less compensation than they are owed by BP, or no compensation at all.

We just saw the federal government bail out banks considered "too big to fail." The federal government is already relying on BP to clean up the oil spill. With BP entrenched in the clean-up efforts, we could be barreling toward another unjust bailout. We can't trust BP's word that they will pay what they owe to hardworking people of the Gulf - we need it written in law! The Big Oil Bailout Prevention Liability Act of 2010 would raise the liability cap to $10 billion, making BP legally liable for more of the damage that it has caused in the Gulf.

Stand with the Gulf Region in making BP legally liable for its actions by helping pass the Big Oil Bailout Prevention Liability Act. We can take away BP's power to pick and choose what it pays. Justice demands that we ensure no one's claim lies beyond the legal limit.

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