Make 60 MPG the Standard for New Vehicles by 2025
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Make 60 MPG the Standard for New Vehicles by 2025

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This fall, President Obama has the opportunity to set fuel efficiency standards that save us money at the pump, decrease carbon pollution, and move us beyond oil.

The technology exists today to build vehicles that save fuel while enhancing safety, performance, and consumer amenities. By relying on American ingenuity and innovation, we can start building clean vehicles at a price consumers can afford right now. The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that new cars can average 62 MPG in 2025 – saving billions of gallons of oil and saving consumers money at the pump.

But the auto industry has always been slow to adopt new fuel-saving and safety technology in the absence of strong standards. They opposed mandatory seat belts and air-bags and claimed that the first fuel efficiency standards would prevent Americans from being able to choose the kind of car or truck they want to drive. Today, we know that these standards have made Americans safer, saved them money, cleaned up our air, and lessened the country’s dependence on oil.

Without setting strong new fuel efficiency and global warming pollution standards these fuel-saving and pollution reduction technologies will continue to go under-utilized. We know that new cars can reach more than 60 MPG in 2025. Consumers will save far more at the pump than the technologies cost. There is no reason to aim lower. Tell President Obama to seize this historic opportunity to make 60 MPG the standard for new vehicles by 2025.

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