Maintain funding for the TCA & The Texas Historical Commission & keep these valuable programs alive

Maintain funding for the TCA & The Texas Historical Commission & keep these valuable programs alive

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      Richard Levi

      Dallas, TX

Gov. Rick Perry is proposing the elimination of funds for the Texas Commission on the Arts and The Texas Historical Commission among other agencies.

We the people, feel that this is a short-sighted proposition and would be a devasting blow to the future of Texas.

The Texas Commission on the Arts and the Texas Historical Commission feed the heart, soul and  imagination of children and adults alike. They help us preserve our past and create a brighter tomorrow.

Please sign the below and let Gov. Rick Perry and The State Senators know that we disagree vehemently with the proposed elimination of funding for the TCA and The Texas Historical Commission.

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    • Ron Good FORNEY, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      Louisiana seems to be doing this and making money hand over fists while drawing an interest from tourists wanting to see where these films were made. Struggling to understand why the 2nd largest state, supposedly the 1st in smarts, is having such a difficult time implementing such a no brain idea to draw some attention to a state that has more than enough room for other people and their money. Do use a favor. Give us a job!

    • Kelli Rohlman ALLEN, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      I think it is absolutely ridiculous that cutting so much arts funding is even a CONSIDERATION in this day and age. Even just the need for such a petition demonstrates the complete lack of competency of state officials and shows that they are completely out of touch with what the people really want.

      It's eliminating jobs, it's sending the wrong messages to children (like, "The arts are not important.") and it is alienating a very large part of the population.

      It has been proven many times in scientific studies that involvement in the arts helps academics. The arts allow both children and adults to express their creativity, use their imaginations, and learn and exercise important problem solving skills.

      Cutting arts funding so significantly is just doing the entire state of Texas a huge disservice and setting a precedent that such a thing is okay for other states to do as well.

      How about cut other types of spending instead of education and arts...which actually matter to people! Give the governor a smaller house or something. Seriously. It's okay to cut this funding and eliminate all of these jobs, but Governor Perry can't have a normal sized, normal person house? A lot of us have stressful careers and a lot of responsibility. It's disgusting that he can keep his posh little life going while the rest of us, who are already struggling, are about to lose everything.

      Cutting arts funding is a huge cop out by the state of Texas that illustrates to so many of us that you really don't care about citizens and what is good for us, and would rather just sit pretty on your slush funds.

    • Daniel Sullivan NEW YORK, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Arts funding feeds the economy, providing more dollars in crossover spending than were put into the initial funding. This has been proven time and again. Fund the arts and you feed the brain and the wallet at the same time.

    • Jason Rice PLANO, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      As little as the TCA costs and as much as it makes possible, the permanent damage this will do in the form of lost Federal funding and cultural stagnation is unconscionable. Texas already falls well below the national average in arts support on a per capita basis. This is not the place to save money. The arts generate far more economic and civic growth than they cost.

    • Jeff Brewer LONG BEACH, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      A native of Dallas and a theatrical designer in the area for some time, I believe it is vital to support the arts. By doing so, you are supporting the growth of jobs in the state. To deny that is to add to your ever growing list of topics you are grossly out of touch with. Please join the rest of us in the 3rd Millenium, where arts jobs still count as jobs,


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