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      Oregon Marijuana Policy Inititiative

August 2011


When online email management provider refused to allow the Oregon Marijuana Policy Initiative (OMPI) to use their service to send out campaign emails on the basis that the subject matter was related to marijuana, activists mobilized to stand up for legal rights of a legitimate political campaign.  

OMPI launched a petition on earlier this week, receiving over 600 signatures on their petition calling on MailChimp to reinstate OMPI’s account and not ban political activists.  Activists also began an agressive Twitter campaign directly targeting MailChimp and bringing the issue to the attention of even more supporters.  

“MailChimp is a terrific service, but they made the wrong call here,” says OMPI Director Robert Wolfe.  “They accused us of selling illegal goods first, and then simply banned us for political speech regarding marijuana. MailChimp should learn the difference between selling weed and legitimate political speech.”

Well, MailChimp responded to the pressure by signers and Tweeters.  Just one day after OMPI launched the peition, MailChimp issued an apology via Twitter, stating: “We appreciate your concern for @OregonMPI's civil liberties and have already emailed them to apologize because we made a bad call.”  A personalized image displaying their support for the work OMPI does was also included.  And after more dialogue between the two organizations and a bit more pressure by activists, MailChimp also fully reinstated OMPI’s email lists and capabilities.  

Online email management provider refused to allow the Oregon Marijuana Policy Initiative (OMPI) to use their service to send out campaign emails, because the subject matter was related to marijuana.

MailChimp should be able to distinguish from selling marijuana and legitimate political activity.

We are not selling marijuana -- we're promoting POLITICAL CHANGE. As a legitimate political campaign registered with the Oregon Secretary of State, we're busy collecting signatures for an initiative petition to decriminalize marijuana and assist medical marijuana patients. should reinstate OMPI's account and not ban legitimate political activists again.

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    • john larsgard GURNEE, IL
      • about 3 years ago

      This is about a company violating 1st amendment rights of people, not about marijuana at all. This ISP obviously thinks its ok to snoop around in other people's mail, now if they did the same to physical mail, there would be severe consequences for their opening and reading it, if say they were a bulk shipper, the laws of our land need to be updated as to confer mail status to email like it does snail mail.

    • Davida Westman SOUTH AFRICA, CT
      • about 3 years ago

      The earth is in desperate need and there is one cure! Legalize it!

    • Kevin Spence PHOENIX, AZ
      • about 3 years ago

      I'm not really FOR total legalization YET!! I believe that if we take incremental change, we'll see it legalized by 2016 (imho). The Govt. cannot continue to ignore not only the medicinal qualities of Marijuana, but the ECONOMIC issue will end up winning out in order to get the Govt. off our asses!

    • Darral Good SHORELINE, WA
      • about 3 years ago

      legalize cannabis and begin to make money off it do not listen to the

      idiots who want to trow a fit everyone loves cannabis hemp would make

      a great agricutural product to save us all

    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      If we want to balance the budget without drastically cutting such things as social services and education we need to:

      1) Tax the rich and large corporations at a rate approaching that of the pre-Reagan years.

      2) Drastically cut our military expenditures and end out endless, deadly and environmentally destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      3) End the "war on drugs" and regulate and tax the currently illegal drugs instead.

      This would be enough, but if we wanted to go one step further we would look into community based alternatives to prison and jail in order to reduce our #1 on the planet incarceration rate.

      Tax the rich

      Cut the wars

      Until there are

      No poor no more


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