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Have Davis Gaines sing the National Anthem at all home playoff games

    1. Surly Jacob
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      Surly Jacob

      Los Angeles, CA

9/10 anthem singers suck. Awful, unabashedly cacophonic egotists who see the singing of the anthem as their big chance to impress the world by adding their own, uniformally grotesque flare to a song which is already perfect. They instill nothing but a sense of failed dreams in a large crowd preceding a game.

Davis Gaines is a star and brings a vibrancy to Staples Centers that no other singers the Los Angeles Kings have employed can match. He sings with a joy and passion that, along with his goofy smile are infenctious. His intonations in singing the National Anthem display an opulence that is both unique and pointedly tributary to our great anthem. He accentuates where others butcher. No one stirs the Los Angeles hockey crowd into a fervor like Mr. Gaines. His reputation amongst Kings fans is a playoff series away from the stuff of legends.

Therefore in these NHL Playoffs, it would be a crime against the fans of the Los Angeles Kings for anyone other than Davis to grace us with the anthem before a home game at Staples Center... Even if he is forced to unpleasantly speed his way through 'Oh Canada'.

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